Youth allowance Eligibility

Youth Allowance eligibility is determined in a number of ways. You need to be studying full time and meet the eligible for Youth Allowance as a Student there is a few tests that you need to meet.  Firstly you need to be under 25 the following in the other criteria you need to meet:

Full Time Study Load:
A full time study load according to Centrelink is where you study at an approved tertiary course with either  a HECS loading of 0.375 for each semester or 75% of  your courses full time study load. This sounds pretty complicated but for me it means I am doing 3 subjects a semester at my university and 4 units is full time. Its best to check with your university as they should be able to tell you what is a full time load for Youth Allowance eligibility.

Asset’s Test
This is a test to see how much valuable things you own. Everything you have such as any cars, property, cash in bank accounts and pretty much anything of value will be assessed to determine if you have an amount of assets that exceeds the youth allowance limit. For the vast majority of students this will not be a concern as you literally need to have several hundred thousand before this becomes an issue in affecting your Youth Allowance eligibility.

Liquid Assets Waiting Period
For those who pass the Assets test you also need to pass the Liquid Assets waiting test before you can start receiving any benefits.  This is a lot harder to pass as its often only a few thousand Dollars. If you have enough assets you may need to wait upto 13 weeks before you receive your first payment from Centrelink.

Income Test
In order to be eligible for youth allowance and receive each payment every fortnight you need to provide how much income you have earned for that period. The amount of income you have earned will determine how much of the Centrelink entitlements you may receive. So basically if you earn too much in a job, they reduce how much you will be paid from Centrelink and if you earn enough you won’t be eligible for any Youth Allowance payment.

Independence Test
Youth Allowance eligibility is only possible if you meet the Independence Test. Essentially this test is trying to prove if you are independent from Mum and Dad. If the test finds you are dependent on your parents, they will have to meet the Parental Means Test in order to determine your Youth Allowance eligibility. Essentially Centrelink looks to see if your Parents can Financially support you.

Parental Means Test
If you are dependent on your parents. This may be a problem in detemining your Youth Allowance eligability. This means your Parents will need to prove whether they are financially capable of supporting you. So if your parents earn too much money or have too much property and Assets If they are then you will not be eligible for a Youth Allowance.

For more information on the eligibility for youth Allowance click here to be directed to the Centrelink website.

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