Why Study in Australia?

Relaxing on the beach in the Gold Coast, shopping up a storm in Melbourne and having a BBQ with mates in Perth are all tempting reasons to spend a bit of time Down Under. But why should you study in Australia?

In a 2012 survey, 86% of international students that they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their study experience in Australia. The survey by Australian Education International says this is because of five main things:

1. Quality of teaching

Australia offers a quality education experience to students.

2. Reputation of a qualification from the institution

The courses completed and qualifications gained from Australian universities are internationally recognised.

3. Reputation of the institution

26 Australian universities are in the top 700 rankings of universities in the world. Only the UK and USA have more unis that rank higher, but they have a bigger population and more institutions.

4. Personal safety

Australia is a very safe place to study. Internationalisation has an important role in Australian universities. Since they accept so many international students each university offers assistance with English to non-English speaking students.

There are also many other events that aim at making overseas students feel welcome.

5. Reputation of Australian education system

Australia is the third most popular destination for international students across the world. The education system has a positive reputation for providing quality education and an enjoyable learning experience.

If you are an international student who is currently deciding where to study abroad, Australia is a great choice. Universities throughout Australia welcome hundreds of thousands of international students each year and feedback suggests that these students are happy with their choice to study in Australia.

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