Types of Websites Students Could Make To Earn Money

With simple ideas, students can earn money by creating user-friendly websites from which they can earn money. By using 123 Reg, any type of website can be easily created and loaded on the internet. Below are a few website ideas that can really help you make money online. Take some time planning these websites and focus on internet marketing to promote them.

Job Boards In Reverse
With the plethora of online job boards focused on supporting employers, its time to reverse the situation. A unique idea is to create a ‘job wanted’ job board where individuals seeking jobs can post their profile and jobs they might be interested in online. Service providers such as designers, developers, writers or anyone with some skill can post requests for work.

Whoever provides a job offer or refers to a certain job can earn a percentage or fixed fee. Since now increasingly prefer to work online, this is one area where you can earn money from your website in the form of commissions when a person gets the job or by charging a monthly fee to be listed in the job seekers list.

Live Auction Sites
Well-executed live auction site makes the auction process simplified and interesting. When you set up an auction site, you can easily find products to be sold on the site. Simply start off with products from home that you plan to sell in a garage sale and find products that other people want that to sell for a profit. A live online auction site is best for quick online sales.

In your list of items for auction, you can open the first item in the list for auction and once that is sold, the second one becomes active and open for bids. You can charge a commission for successful sales.

Discussion Forums
Every person has a different opinion which is why there will always be discussions, arguments and debates. A discussion forum has the capability to grow on its own, provided that you chose a hot topic worthy of discussion. For instance, these could include 3D television and 3D printers. But make sure your discussion forum is well managed and moderated so as to avoid any heated debates.
You can earn money with a discussion forum website by charging a small fee for other people to start a debate. But most probably, you will have to earn income form affiliate sales and advertising.

Web Concierge Services
A unique website idea is the services of an online butler. It is based on the idea that people can ask their online butler to handle their small tasks such as purchasing cinema tickets, buying groceries from the local store and more. An email, SMS or voicemail can be sent to the butler who acts obediently on the request. It is perfect idea for a website that can earn money from busy folks. Students can earn money by charging monthly subscription fees or per-use charges.

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