Two Thirds of Students Are Worried About Money

I’ll admit it. I am one of those students who is stressed about finances. So are my friends and so are my classmates. I know this because I see it on Facebook.

This is a recent figure obtained by Universities Australia. They undertook a study of the financial circumstances of Australian students in 2012. This worrying but highly believable figure reveals that money is a huge concern for most students.

Personally, I didn’t need a study to know this because I am a living, breathing example of a financially stressed student.

After reading the report, which included other worrying statistics like how 17% of students regularly went without food, I scrolled to the end in hope of some answers. Perhaps some links on budgeting or a comforting message about how you can alleviate the stress. Maybe even a discount voucher for a full body massage. There was nothing.

So, after acknowledging all of these disheartening statistics regarding broke university students, there was no advice. I know it was a factual study but I just feel like a number – a mere percentage among other students.

Well I think that as students we should get off our butts, stop spending money on watered down alcohol at clubs and fire up an excel spreadsheet. The best way to avoid becoming a statistic in University Australia’s next study is to budget.

The word might seem offensive now but in 6 months time, budgeting is going to be your best friend.

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