Things you need to consider when buying a new car

Attribute to Mr WabuObtaining the right type of car insurance for your needs can be a confusing business as there is no single policy that will suit everyone.

The price of car insurance will vary wildly according to the individual circumstances of the person seeking a policy, which will be everyone who drives, considering that to drive one must have a policy by law.

Choose your car wisely

When shopping around for a car, be aware that the type of car you choose will have a significant influence on the price of your car insurance, simply because some cars are believed to be more dangerous than others.

For example, the performance capabilities of your car will certainly be taken into account, in terms of high speed and acceleration time (the time it takes to get from 0-60mph). The higher the performance of the car the higher the cost of your policy will be.

The safety rating of your car is also a consideration: The more up-to-date the safety features on your vehicle, the higher the safety rating and the lower your premium will be.

Car security

A great tip with regard to security is to keep your car locked up in your garage as this will mean that your insurance premium will be lower than if you keep it on the road. This is because cars kept are at greater risk of damage and/or theft, meaning that their owners are more likely to put in an insurance claim.

Where you live

Your postcode will have a significant effect on your car insurance. If, for example, you live an area with a high crime rate, where car thefts are relatively common, your premium will be higher than if you lived in an area with a low crime rate.

If you live in an area with a high crime rate then your premium will certainly be higher than an identical policy for a car based in an area with a lower crime rate.

There are some factors on the other hand that you can’t affect however. Irish insurer found that 87% of men could get a lower rate by switching to them. Another factor you wont be able to affect is your age and experience, so for young drivers or students they are going to have to realise that unfortunately this only comes with time.

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