The Gate to ‘Geek-land’ – Top Five Universities for a Computer Science Degree

With the pace at which everything is becoming digitalized, computer science is and will remain one of the most promising fields of study. However, just because some of the wealthiest tech-gurus were drop-outs, does not mean you too can choose the same route. Unless you are as lucky or talented, you will need a degree in computer science in order to step into this highly competitive and demanding industry.

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However, despite the rising demand, the industry is quickly becoming saturated in terms of jobs and employment. When you have a couple of hundred candidates to compete with for a single position at a world class IT firm, where you got your degree from counts a lot.
So, if you have planned to pursue a degree in Computer Science, make sure you choose an institute that has a good reputation in this aspect. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in Australia. It can be anywhere. Let’s take a five of the most promising options.

1.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT – US

MIT is every IT enthusiasts dream. The institute has been offering its services since 1865. Today it has five schools and one college. Other than their graduate and post-graduate program, MIT also conducts a number of short courses and research programs. Today MIT has extended its reach beyond the field of computer science. There are now 23 departments that also include Architecture, Anthropology, Arts, Literature, and Management.

 2.     Stanford University – US

Over the years, Stanford has brilliantly maintained its reputation as one of the best educational institutes in the world.  The Computer Science Department was founded in 1965. Forbes magazine once stated that it is impossible to name any leading IT company that isn’t closely associated with Stanford. Most Stanford Alumni are now the founders of leading Silicon Valley companies including Hewitt Packard, Cisco Systems, and Google.

3.     Carnegie Mellon University – US

In 1967, Carnegie Institute of Technology merged with the Mellon Institute of Research and became Carnegie Mellon University. Currently it has seven different colleges and school, but is most known for its computer science degree program. For years it maintained its top position as the best institute for graduate studies in the field. Its Alumni also include famous founders of renowned Silicon Valley companies as well as Nobel Laureates and winners of the Turing Award.

4.     Harvard University – US

Who doesn’t dream of going to Harvard? Yet for those who dream of a career in Computer Science Harvard is not the foremost choice. Still, it comes in the top five. The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has a very strong  faculty and has been the alma meter of numerous well known minds in the field of IT.  

5.     Oxford University

The oldest and most highly ranked university in the United Kingdom is one of the most sought after universities of computer science enthusiasts around the world. For a brief period of time, Oxford remained the home for Albert Einstein. It Alumni also includes three Field Medal winners.

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