Study and Work

One of the major challenges that students find is to study and work. That old question of how to bring in enough money to pay the bills and keep food on the table and maybe enough to keep you entertained with your  spare time. For most student study and working with a good job that pays a healthy amount of money is going to be the best option to help you achieve this.  Its best to work through any period of study as it can show potential employers when you finish that you were proactive instead of just trying to have a bludge.

When too work?

So once you decided you need to study and work the next major challenge is to decide when you want to work. Many part time or casual jobs allow you to work 8 to 30hours a week and you might be able to find one that fits in well with your study schedule. One of the biggest problems I have discovered is that by taking on too much work with a job might result in less time to study and poorer grades.

Holidays good time to get cash

For the Uni student one of the advantages is that several months of the years is made up of Holidays. This means ample time to go out and make some money. Internships are a really good idea as they are designed for University students to get a taste of what its like to work in that company. If you do an internship it’s important to do one that ties in with your career goal’s as you need to show employers that this is the field you want to work in.

Other jobs

Apart from Internships there is many other jobs you can get. Many students pull beers in a pub on holidays or get fit doing some labouring while others might make some money tutoring HSC students on Maths. There’s some really good sites that you can use to help you find that job such as seek, My Career or Gumtree.

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