Simple Ways to Make Money Online

As a student, you probably already spend a good deal of your time online. Have you thought about how to turn those hours signed into Facebook or your personal blog into cash? You’ve probably seen spam adverts proclaiming that you can make thousands in your spare time without doing much of anything. Although these are pretty far removed from reality, there are more realistic ways to pad your wallet.

Take Online Surveys

It probably won’t make you a millionaire, but taking online surveys is a really easy way to earn a few extra dollars when you’re just sitting around. Most don’t take any more than 15 minutes and you may even get some free products to try out as a bonus. There’s a high demand for student opinions, particularly on sites like Pure Profile and Valued Opinions.

Sell Your Old Stuff

It’s easy to accumulate an excess of books, clothing, and music when you’re at university. If your flat is filling up with old junk that you hardly use, it’s time to get rid of it. You could sell clothing and collector items on auction sites like eBay, or sign up for a vendor account at to sell your old books. Another option is to start an online shop of your own, which can be a fun hobby and earn you a tidy sum. There are plenty of ecommerce software options out there, but the best website builder will give you features like secure hosting, an easy content management system, and full customer support. This is a good idea if you shop frequently or make handicrafts that could sell.

Start and monetise a Blog

Sharing your thoughts is a great way to earn some money! Some students are able to make a bit of pocket money by starting and monetizing a blog. By tweaking a blog bit, you could turn it into a money-maker in your spare time. If you already have a large following, simply signing up for Google Adsense could generate revenue. This produces content-relevant adverts to place on your site. Another option is to set up affiliate marketing links for other businesses on your site, so that you get paid whenever products are sold via these links. To make the blog more commercially appealing, it might be a good idea to give it a makeover with Shopify website templates or other graphic layouts. This allows you to sell products of your own if you’re so inclined, with a full shopping cart system.

Sell Photographs

Are you an Instagram addict? You might want to think about selling your photographs for commercial use. Stock photography websites like Fotalia and Image to You are always in need of new snaps. You get paid a commission every time your photograph is downloaded.

Get Paid to Write

There’s a high demand online for quality writing, as businesses jump to provide up-to-date content on their corporate websites and blogs. This is in addition to the traditional publishing industry, which also has an increased need for online content. Whether your specialty is fiction or economics, you may be able to turn your musings into cash by putting up an online portfolio and checking freelance forums like for job opportunities.
Whether you put adverts on an existing blog or knock back a few surveys when procrastinating on a paper, there are numerous ways to earn some extra money in between classes!

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