Save Money by Buying Used or Electronic Textbooks

Save Money by Buying Used or Electronic Textbooks

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Textbooks are necessary for your education. However, books are becoming expensive these days. Brand new printed materials are priced not within your budget. How can you stretch your allowance? Here are some things that you might want to consider to make ends meet.

1)      Used books

Used books are a great find. You don’t need a brand new textbook to learn better. Find sources of used books where you can source out your requirements. Some places to start looking for are:

  • The internet-search the internet for advertisements of used books. You might find a place that sells used books in a website you will find.
  • Garage sales- some neighborhood garage sales are valuable sources for old books. This is especially true if those who are holding the garage sales have former students in the household. The books will come out dirt cheap.
  • Schools- your school might have donations of old textbooks that are being sold. You can ask you school guidance counselor if the school is selling old textbooks. Maybe your library has a lot of donations of textbooks that they are also selling. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Friends- ask your friends if they are willing to sell their textbooks to you. Most likely they will accommodate your request and give you a good price. It is always good to have  good network of friends so you can get old materials from them, some might even be free.

2)      Electronic books
Ebooks are becoming cheaper than printed materials. Rightly so since the cost of Ebook publishing is lower than the average book publishers.  Search the internet for thee books that you need and check the prices. Most likely, they are relatively more affordable and within your budget.

If you can borrow or get a book for free from a friend, borrow a book from the library, that is better. You do not have to buy anything. Make a lot of friends while you are in college so you can borrow their books if necessary.  It is not just a sociable thing to do, it is also practical.


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