On a Tight Budget? Here are the Cheapest Universities in Australia.

There is no denying it – university fees are expensive. Finding the cheapest university in Australia can mean that you get a quality degree at the least expense.

If you are required to pay up-front for your course the academic fee may decide whether or not you can even go to university. There are some universities with lower fees that may be more manageable:

• Australian Catholic University
• University of Ballarat
• Charles Sturt University
• University of Tasmania
• Southern Cross University

The cheapest universities in Australia may have lower academic fees however there are other things that you should consider:

Degree Choice

The fees may be cheaper but the university may not have the course that you wish to take. This is okay if you are willing to substitute for another course but you shouldn’t force yourself to study a degree that you have no interest in.

Living Costs

Academic fees are not the only expense that you will need to cover. If living costs are expensive, the cheapest university in Australia suddenly becomes not so cheap.

Remote Area

Often the cheapest universities are located in regional areas, which are more remote than those located close to cities. You may have to live on campus in order to study there. If you choose to commute to university, the cost of fuel or public transport will add up.


If the campus is located far from your home then you may have to relocate closer to your chosen university. The cost of rent could mean that the overall cost of studying could outweigh the benefits of the lower academic fees.

Depending on where you live, or if you are willing to relocate, a lower-fee university could work out well for you. If your chosen degree is available at a reputable university for a lower price, it makes sense to enrol at that institution.

It is important, however, to not forget the other costs associated with going to uni.

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  • val yenko

    Cheap or not, I have heard that some of these are very good and they aren’t really listed as a “party school” which helps a lot with staying focused and getting through it all.