Must See Tourist Attractions in Sydney for International Students

Leaving your home country for studies abroad can be very exciting. A relative or acquaintance in the host country can make easy your stay in a foreign land. You might have a generous invitation to stay at their house where your food and shelter becomes their responsibility

However, some of you might be bag packing for a foreign land where everyone will be a stranger. When such opportunities arise, the absence of familiar faces can be worrisome. In such situations booking a hostel, in accordance with your budget you can find a great hostel or budget hostel to cater too your needs.

Heading towards Australia, for higher studies, can be an opportunity of a lifetime. Admission at any university in Sydney can further add to the experience of studying at this continent. With a rich history and the still prevailing Aboriginal culture, multiple tourist attractions await appreciation of international students.

Port Jackson

Known to be a natural harbor, it contains the Sydney Harbor. Sailing around the city, you might find yourself in time to catch the Aboriginal cultural cruise- Tribal Warrior Cruise.  The glittering water also holds several islands, each of which has a history of its own. For instance, military equipment at Bare Island signifies its use as a fort back in the late 1800s. For international students who wish to take an educational voyage of Sydney, must hit Port Jackson.

Sydney harbor contains the famous Sydney Opera House. You must have seen that massive white, shell like structure coming together to form an edifice. Yes, that’s the opera house where literature and art comes to life. Additionally, the most frequently mentioned Sydney Harbor Bridge stands across the Sydney Harbor. If you are lucky enough to be at the bridge on new year’s, fireworks are likely to adorn the sky above you.

Bondi Beach

This place has deserves a special mention as tourist attraction spot. Several popular cafes and restaurants border the place and the beach has its community centre. At several occasions, this place serves as a platform for festivals and performances. If you enjoy skateboarding or being an audience to it, the Bondi Skate Park might interest you. Skating pool is located at the Bondi Beach and is mostly male populated.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo

If you love animals and wish to interact with them, then you should head towards the zoo. Upon arrival, you will walk into an air-conditioned zoo where you can see birds, crocodiles, snakes and many other species. It’s just a zoo, but here you get to connect with the animals and experience a visit to the zoo like never before.

Enmore Theatre

Not only is it a place for kids to perform their school plays, the stages has entertained music lovers as well. Enmore has been a home to live performances of many popular bands. Every event at Enmore is well advertised and if your favorite band is playing, you should be sure to book your tickets. The theatre is also a host to many standup comedy acts. So if not for head banging, you can visit this place for a good laugh.

Above are only a handful of tourist attraction spot in Sydney. However, catering to the diverse preferences people might have only four famous sports have been highlighted for students. Fascination of history and appreciation of beauty would take you to Port Jackson but if you enjoy music then Enmore Theatre should be your choice. Nature lovers should definitely pay a visit to Wild Life Sydney Zoo but if you wish to make sand castle then Bondi Beach is the place for you.

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