Make Your Hobby into a Business

Attribute to Fifth World ArtStudying can be a tough time, especially if you are trying to fit casual or part-time work into your already busy timetable. Unfortunately, a lot of employers place demands that can conflict with your studies. With the rising price of textbooks, rent and other associated costs, most students simply can’t afford not to work while studying. However, if you’re open to new ideas and prepared to work for yourself, there are a number of ways you can support yourself while you study. Here are 5 awesome money-making ideas for students.

Star in a Movie

It might sound extravagant, but being an extra in a movie is a fun way to earn some additional money in your summer break. The pay is surprisingly good, and it gives you a unique behind the scenes view of how a movie is made. Some people actually make a living purely from being an extra, so keep an eye out for casting calls in your area!

Get Paid to Take Notes

Most academic institutions will offer payment for students willing to take accurate and detailed notes during lectures and tutorials. It might not be much, but if you are a good note-taker anyway, you might as well be paid for what you’re already doing.

Sell All Your Unwanted Stuff

Sick of looking at your old unused sports gear? Got clothes in your cupboard that you haven’t worn in months? Round up everything you don’t use anymore and put it online. From kayaks to key chains and everything in between, selling your unwanted items online can be a great source of income.


If you’re acing your exams and essays, chances are you’re excelling in your studies and can use this to get some extra cash. Tutoring is a great way to not only help others, but consolidate the knowledge that you already have. The pay is good, and the experience is something that will appeal to potential employers when included on your CV.

Make Your Hobby into a Business

This is one of the best ways that you can combine your interests and make some money at the same time. There are endless things that you can create and sell, including boutique jewellery, cards, fashion accessories, bumper stickers and so much more. You can even branch out into clothing design, allowing you to create personalised styles for every occasion.

It’s easy to create an online store for any of your products, with eBay and Facebook being popular ways to reach a large target audience. You can also apply to have a stall at your institution’s Open Days and Market Meets to sell to your fellow students.

If you keep an open mind, there are boundless opportunities to make some seriously good money while studying. Forget about the stress of juggling work and study, and take control of your finances by trying some of these top money-making tips.

Written by Emma Jane:
Emma is a mother of two girls and has just gone back to part time study in the area of online marketing. Emma loves writing and has been generating some income to support her study with her writings.

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