Looking for Good Universities in Australia?

Each person’s view of a ‘good’ university is different. Along with a reputable degree there are many other things that students want to take away from their time studying – this could be friends, travel experiences or some crazy memories.

Just incase mum or dad are looking over your shoulder – the below university suggestions will provide you with a sound university degree but depending on your personality you may be more attracted to some than others.

Good Universities in Australia for Knowledge:

If you strive to know everything about everything then some universities in Australia may be better for you than others. Although all institutions will give you a reputable degree, some have a solid and long standing history of education.

You may want to study at one of the oldest educational institutions in Australia:

• University of Sydney
• University of Melbourne
• University of Adelaide
• University of Tasmania
• University of Queensland
• University of Western Australia

Good Universities in Australia for Nightlife:

For some young people, the promise of a full social calendar is irresistible. If you are one of those crazy kids who loves going to clubs and bars wearing animal onesies then you probably want to choose a university located close to the city.

Cities are always awake, so if you are looking for a good nightlife choose a university that is in one of the capital cities:

• RMIT City, Melbourne
• Macquarie City, Sydney
• Griffith University, Gold Coast

Good Universities in Australia for Travelling:

Studying abroad for part of your degree is a good way to learn about other cultures and also learn more about yourself.

Some universities in Australia have campuses in other areas of the world. This makes it easy for you to travel and study some place else for a semester or two.

Universities that have overseas campuses include:

• Swinburne University of Technology
• Monash University
• University of Wollongong
• University of Queensland

Good Universities in Australia for Culture:

It is hard to define a ‘typical’ Australian. So many different races and ethnicities in one country mean that there are many cultural influences. Different pockets of cultures and multiculturalism can be seen in many areas of Australia.

If you are interested in different cultural experiences including music, dance and food there are some universities that have a rich culture:

• University of Southern Queensland
• Monash University
• University of Western Sydney

Good Universities in Australia for Practical / Vocational Education:

Universities typically provide a well-rounded education with knowledge to be taken into your future career. If you are looking for vocational education (a course geared for one job) there are Australian TAFEs that provide Bachelor degrees in specialized vocational areas.

This means you could leave tertiary education with a Bachelor degree in equine studies, education, music and writing. Educational institutions that offer these vocational Bachelor degrees include:

• Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE
• Box Hill Institute of TAFE

There are many good universities in Australia; you just have to find the one that suits you!

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  • matt n.

    I went to Monash and I have to say that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The places and people surrounding the university are more than friendly and were very helpful in finding my way around the area.