How much for a PhD?

PhD is one of the most prestigious degrees acknowledged worldwide. PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy but is not necessarily related to the study of philosophy. Basically the word ‘philosophy’ here is used in its original Greek sense, i.e. “love of wisdom”, thus it refers to several distinct disciplines. It is a research based academic degree pertaining to a specific area of interest.

PhDs are demanded worldwide simply because of their qualities and the way they develop their pursuit of knowledge. Doctorate degree enables a candidate to learn research tactics in order to develop in a given field and spread the knowledge all around. However, this isn’t as simple as it may sound. Students work day in and day out to dig deep into the subject matter.

Locals and Citizens Exempted from Fee

Keeping in view the need of students who can achieve expertise in the research and development area and come up with a broad spectrum of knowledge, the Australian government has currently exempted all Doctorate students from paying tuition fee. The PhD degree is currently free of any tuition fee for all Australian and New Zealand citizens, as well as for the permanent residents of Australia.

The tuition fee of above mentioned students is paid by the Australian Government in the name of Research Training Scheme so that more PhDs may enter the field. However, international students doing PhD from Australia are required to pay their tuition fee and all concerned charges until and unless they qualify for a scholarship to cover up their educational expenses.

Tuition Fee for Internationals

The cost of doing PhD from Australia and New Zealand differs from each other. In Australia, international students are expected to pay full amount of course work that may range somewhere in between AU$17,000 to AU$35,000 each year of study. A fixed amount cannot be stated here for one simple reason that the tuition fee varies considerably among different universities.

On the other hand, international students applying for a PhD program in New Zealand are charged the same amount of fee that the locals are charged. This step by the New Zealand government is intended to attract quality researchers into the country. Therefore, per year tuition fee is expected to be around NZ$6,000 to NZ$9,000. It substantially reduces the financial burden of international PhD students.

PhD Scholarships

Among many others, the most popular scholarship offered to PhD students in Australia is the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA). These are purely government funded scholarships that provide living stipends to PhD students for a period of three years. This scholarship is meant to enable PhD students meet their living expenses while keeping their academic degree unaffected.

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