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Is there such a thing as easy money? Perhaps the lottery, but then again some people play the lottery for large parts of their lives and never strike it rich. There are some legitimate ways to make money fast  gambling is a good option if your prepared to risk losing all your money and maybe more. From my experience if it sounds too good to be true it almost certainly is. Very few people give away money for free and typically you need to be a charity to receive it.

Despite the lack of seriously easy money there is actually some very lucrative ways to can get money quickly. One that people seriously undervalue is your old things that you don’t need on Ebay or Gumtree. In actual fact not many people think about it but in many suburbs people throw out their old things that they could not be bothered to sell. Scavenging on council pickup night and then selling on ebay is an clever way to make some money but just beware the petrol costs can be high for all the driving around you will do.

Perhaps your in need of some quick money to pay some bills. Often companies will grant you an extension if you let them know your situation and provide a date that they can expect payment.

Ultimately most get rich quick schemes are scams and you often need to give them money before you get paid so and this frequently mean the only ones making money is the scam artists who lured you in.

Share trading is another way to make money if you actually know what you are doing. Some people dedicate large parts of their life to understanding how to make money by analyzing charts, many of these people get it wrong at some point and loose out.  Speculating in shares of companies you don’t understand is a very easy way to watch your money evaporate and its probably not recommended.

Investing into shares of a good business is different to trading but is similar in that you still need to know what you are doing or you will loose lots of money.

When I do research for writing blogs like these I keep seeing these ad’s on websites about how you can make big money out of trading currencies or trading with things called CFD’s (Contracts for Difference). Having somewhat of a basic understanding of what these are all about its pretty interesting and perhaps even worrying that these companies are trying to lure people in who don’t know how the currency markets work . If you’re considering one of these get rich quick schemes just remeber to ask yourself before you hit the trade button, ask yourself “would I take this money to the roulette tables at the casino and put it on black?” because if you don’t fully understand what your doing putting your money on black may well be a safer option!


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