Comparing the University System in Australia with Others Around the World.

Every country has a different university system that they use as a template for all universities in their country to follow. Despite subtle differences all universities follow the same university system in Australia.

How the University System in Australia Compares to Other Countries

Universitas 21 completed a project where university systems were ranked by country. Their report ranked Australia as having the 8th best university system out of 50 countries.

The university system in Australia was ranked in four areas:

1. Resources

University systems that perform well, are typically resourced well either by government support or by a private entity. Spending money on the university system means that there are better equipment, teachers and facilities available for students.

The report outlines that the Australian university system received 63.9 marks out of 100 for resources.

2. Environment

A regulated environment ensures that resources are used efficiently. Excessive regulation can have a negative impact on the university system. It is ideal for the environment to be closely monitored but not harshly controlled.

The Australian university system received 95.7 marks out of 100 for environment.

3. Connectivity

A higher education system that is connected to the nation’s society indicates that it a worth more. The worth is also enhanced if it is linked internationally in education and research sectors.

The Australian university system received 96.7 marks out of 100 for connectivity.

4. Output

Another sign of a successful higher education system is its ability to provide the country with a well-trained and educated workforce. This means that the graduates will satisfy the country’s needs and will contribute to national and worldwide knowledge.

It is measured on the output and impact of the national stock of researcher, the number of excellent universities and employability of graduates.

The Australian university system received 56.0 marks out of 100 for output.

Overall the university system in Australia is well regulated and has a high level of connectivity both nationally and internationally.

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  • efpierce

    I believe that all universities are generally the same, it’s about what you get out of them. A uni in Australia would not only give someone an education, but also the chance for a foreign student travelling abroad to visit a new and exciting country and have an experience of a lifetime.

  • Australia’s university system is the best in the world! I am a bit biased towards it, but it’s hard not to be. We have the best post educational system and our learning environment is unsurpassed.