Choosing What to Study at University.

When some people leave school, or decide to go back to uni at a later date, they automatically know what to study at university. For some reason or another they just know…

This may be because they have always dreamed of a certain career or perhaps a teacher or family member told them that they would be a great architect, lawyer, dentist or marketer.

This isn’t the case for all future students – some know that they want to get a degree but aren’t sure what course they should study.

I Don’t Know What to Study at University!

If you are panicking and in the process of choosing what to study at uni, take a couple of deep breaths and think about some things that you enjoy doing.

This isn’t a trick designed to make you forget about the matter at hand. In fact this is the ideal way to find out what you want to study. If you don’t know where you want to be in the future, think about the things you enjoy doing now.

What Would Be Good for Me to Study at University?


If you enjoy writing and learning about other cultures, Arts could be the ideal degree for you. Arts are also a good choice to study at university if you enjoy interacting with people and have excellent communication skills.

This degree covers a wide range of areas and you can choose majors based on your interests from areas in humanities, social sciences and languages.

Jobs for Arts graduates include:

• Writing and Publishing
• Journalism
• Communication and Media
• Education


Do you like to know how things work and would like to make things work more efficiently? If you answered yes to this question a degree in engineering could suit you.

Engineering is a good degree for those who are confident in math and sciences and will give you a chance to really learn how things work.

Jobs for Engineering graduates include:

• Telecommunications
• Pharmaceuticals
• Mining
* Information Technology


A science degree can help you to improve people’s standard of living all around the world. If you are confident in math and sciences you can have the chance to understand and develop knowledge about the world.

Jobs for Science graduates include:

• Research and Development
• Medical Science
• Environmental science
• Food chemistry
• Biotechnology


The best things in life are free. Or are they? If you believe that money makes the world go round then maybe you should study a degree in business. If you choose to study business you most likely enjoy organising projects and may have even thought about running your own business.

Jobs for Business graduates include:

• Human Resources
• Logistics
• Management
• Recruitment
• Strategic Planning


If you constantly find yourself debating what is wrong and what is right with your friends or family – there may be a little lawyer in you. This degree revolves around learning about the justice system and could see you helping others in the future.

Jobs for Law graduates include:

• Solicitor
• Barrister
• Government
• Legal Aid

Creative Arts

A Creative Arts degree is ideally suited to artists, performers, dancers and musicians. It is also ideal for those who like designing, creating and building projects.

Jobs for Creative Arts graduates include:

• Circus Arts
• Creative Writers
• Television and Theatre
• Graphic Design
• Interior Design


The best way to find an enjoyable course (and future career) is to choose one that involves things that you enjoy and are good at. If you also take into account your personality, you should be able to find a degree that suits you perfectly.

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About the Author: Amy

  • matt n.

    Not knowing what to study happens to all of us and it’s always a good idea to take a general set of classes that are closely related to the things you like to do as that might end us to be your career one day. I didn’t know what to choose so I went into journalism and years later, became a writer.