Cheap Movies and TV shows

Watch movies at homeBuying a new DVD from your local store can cost you around $20 – it’s not much for many of us, BUT what about getting a huge catalogue of films and TV shows for less than that. For years, audiences have felt frustrated by the lack of control over choices they get with the content (specifically movies and TV shows) on television. Also, they would usually go on-air keeping in view the commercial aspects of the broadcasting market, thus leaving individuals without any choice – except waiting for the movie or the show to repeat.

However, this ends with the introduction of online DVD rental services, online subscription channels and free streaming website; all of this is available on a much cheaper cost. Now, it’s much easier for users to have access to a wider variety of online content, with the freedom to turn it up anytime they want. These several online alternatives have made watching movies easier than ever.

If you want to buy or watch movies and TV shows on a significantly cheaper cost, visit these websites. It can greatly increase the choices you have when you’re being a couch potato!


Quickflix is one of the most popular video subscription companies that offers video streaming packages and, also provides DVD-postage services to its customers. By registering on Quickflix, you will get access to its enormous 60,000 bulk of DVD’s, that includes movies and TV shows. Also, there are different packages for those who want premium services to quench their thirst for entertainment.  For instance, if you desire to receive some newly released movie, its premium service would let you have that movie before it gets more than two days old. You can easily rent it out and pay for that after watching it – the process is simple and worthy. For a few dollars, Quickflix will post you DVDs and TV shows, which you can borrow ordering from your subscription. Since most of the movies are only available in CD format and not online, this is a steady one.

It is best known for its cheap DVD postage service, through which you can order latest DVD’s and get them posted at your doorstep. It’s rather convenient to have your DVD’s posted at your home address than to find yourself standing on a DVD-store without getting your desired movie. It saves you money and time!


Presto is a new movie streaming service launched by Foxtel, in line with their online entertainment services. Presto is a phenomenal streaming service and best for those who want to view the latest releases right away. It only charges 25 bucks per month, whilst giving you access to all the upcoming movies. With presto, you will have access to a massive movie library of cinematic hits for a price that’s less than what you’d pay for just one movie rental. All you need to have is an internet connection and a dedicated subscription. This should be kept in mind at the time of buying a subscription that your internet connection is able to handle the streaming speed required to play the movies conveniently. Otherwise, you will be spending your money without getting the required results. Make sure you have a fast internet connection along with a handsome downloading package to ensure that you play your movies seamlessly.

Moreover, you can also switch on your presto devices through HDMI cables and connecting them to your TV; however, it may not provide the same premium quality experience you get over your subscribed devices – that includes—PCs, MAC computers, some android devices and Google Chrome play. Presto doesn’t yet support Windows mobile phones so you’re out of luck if you have a cell phone with a Windows operating system.

The Movies only get streamed on the connections you have registered with the subscription. After the subscription, you’ll be getting access to all seven movie channels, including Foxtel Movies Thriller/Crime, Foxtel Movies Comedy, Foxtel Movies Drama/ Romance, Foxtel Movies Premiere, Foxtel Movies Action/ Adventure, Foxtel Movies Masterpiece, and Foxtel Movies Family.


It needs no introduction—YouTube is an online video-sharing forum where millions of videos get posted every day. YouTube is a free tool available for internet users to browse through videos, including some full-length movies. In 2011, Google introduced its new movie section with the URL. Over the years, with the user-generated data and legally uploaded movies, YouTube’s movie section has inflated into one of the biggest movie libraries available – movies that you can rent, purchase, or stream for free.

Recently, it has been used to upload movies that can be watched freely. Although, movies that are posted over the YouTube aren’t legally authenticated, it’s a great source if you want to stream movies for free. Over YouTube, videos are often uploaded in broken parts, for that, you can download YouTube downloader to merge those short parts into one. To your surprise, you might get to see some newly released movies uploaded on YouTube and later removed for breaching the infringement policy (By that time, you will have already watched them).


Netflix is a US-based company and another online internet subscription company, considered as the largest amongst all and the pioneer of giving rise to online streaming and subscription services. It has significantly supreme collection of movies and DVD’s in their colossal digital catalogue. Whether, it’s a classic movie that you are looking for or the recently released blockbuster, they have it stocked. On NetFlix, you’ll never find yourself whining over the non-availability of your favourite movie. This is due to the fact that they work with some of the biggest entertainment giants.

However, their services can’t be accessed through Australia, except resorting to VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get over this geo-block and gain access to its website. Its monthly charges are as low as 8 bucks per month. Netflix has in its bag a number of blockbuster TV Shows such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and House of Card which are available for its members at all times.