Centrelink 13 Weeks before Study benefits payments

Centrelink 13 weeks before study

So, you received notification from Centrelink that you will not be eligible for your first payment? You may be a little confused why Centrelink has imposed this on you. Essentially what has happened is you have too much “Liquid Assets”  To attempt to put this in simple English (because we know the Centrelink rules are not) essentially you have too much cash and other assets that are easily converted to cash. The following is a run down on what liquid assets are:

All about Liquid Assets

Liquid assets are essentially money you have on hand. It includes money in the wallet, shares, bank accounts, payment from employers, assets provided to children, loans, business sales and many more.

Liquid Assets Reduced by Payments

For students, applying for Youth Allowance or Austudy, they can reduce their liquid assets before making an application through spending on expenses you might otherwise have had anyway such as textbooks, stationary and other study essentials and perhaps other school-related payments.

Upto 13 weeks?

The Centrelink 13 weeks before study limit is also determined by the liquid asset amount. If the liquid asset’s exceed $6000 for married and $3000 for single, the waiting period will be the full 13 weeks. However if you have less than these amounts you might only have to wait a smaller length of time.

So what happens if you have to wait?

The bad news is, you have to wait. Centrelink expects that you will support yourself in this time as they believe you have enough money. The good news is that if a student has been subjected to a waiting period within a year, they are exempted from waiting for 13 weeks again if they need to re-apply.

Other Exemptions from having to wait?

Other special circumstances may also cause an exemption in waiting period like rehabilitation program and vocational studies based on a program for the labor force. Qualifying for a Newstart Allowance may also exempt anybody from the waiting period.

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