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attiribute y 401(K) 2012Today Student Finance is hosting the Carnival of Financial Camraderie, a weekly collection of blogger articles from across the web. Some great articles on here from some of the greatest Financial minds on the net.

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Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes The Ugly Side of VRBO – I’m a huge proponent of saving money but when one of your favorite things to do is travel, your worlds can kind of collide. Luckily, I use a lot of the airline miles I rack up from credit card sign-up bonuses to get free flights and hotels. But the latter can often be a lot harder to get good redemption rates on or find availability with. So what do I do when I have to actually pay for lodging?

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Three gifts for men to get your gift ideas factory going – Men are awkward customers. I can say this because I am a man and I empathise with anyone who has ever endured the frustrating quandary of what gifts for men to get for friends or loved ones.

Larry @ KrantCents writes If You Were Boss – What would you do if you were boss? What if you were boss of the company you work for?

Aaron @ Aaron Hung writes Facts you really need to know about your 401(k) – If you have a 401(k) plan through your employer there are a number of things that you really need to know about it in order to take advantage of it as much as possible.

Justin @ Edward Antrobus writes Tips to Help You Pay Down Your Student Debt – If you’ve just recently graduated from college, congratulations! Best of luck finding a job and starting your career.

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes 5 Top Apps for Entrepreneurs – If you are a busy entrepreneur you already have your hands full with a million different things that need to be done.

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes Is Data Mining a fair way to set Insurance Rates? – With computer technology advancing by leaps and bounds, it is no surprise that insurance companies have started using sophisticated software to help them determine what rates to charge their customers.

Bob @ Dwindling Debt writes Health Insurance Coverage | Will My Health Insurance Cover Dentistry? – It is no secret that your dental health is one very important element of your overall health.

Andrea @ So Over This writes Could You Live on Minimum Wage? – Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past the year it’s hard to miss the ongoing debate over minimum wage!

Jay @ Daily Fuel Economy Tip writes Gas Saving Myths Exposed – Summer is coming up fast and with it gas prices will be increasing, as they seem to do every year.

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes Borrowing Money? Avoid using these 2 Methods – While it is certainly true that everyone needs money, sometimes it is rather hard to find if you need extra money quickly.

Daniel @ Make Money Make Cents writes 4 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast – With the housing market looking troublesome and many people still tightening their budgets in the economic recession, finding the best buyers for your house can be tricky.

Evan @ The Smaller Dollar writes Top 3 Tips for a Frugal Road Trip – A road trip is generally more frugal than a plane flight since plane tickets, parking, baggage fees, and rental cars generally dwarf just filling up with gas every several hundred miles but there are some key steps you can take to really make your next road trip a frugal one.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes How I Got $1750 From the SPG Amex Card 30k Offer – Normally, I won’t even consider a credit card sign up bonus offer unless it’s in the 40,000-50,000 point range. On average, 1 point is worth at least 1 cent so if you can score 50,000 points that means you just earned yourself $500. I make good money at my day job but I still know that it takes a lot of work to make $500 after taxes. If I can spend a few minutes applying for a credit card and make $500, that seems almost too good to be true.

Mario @ Debt BLAG writes Two measures could make this a HUGE week for student loan reform! – This week, two proposed measures could expand the Pay As You Earn repayment option and allow borrowers to refinance their student loans

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Do your parents stick their nose into your bank account balance? – Do you have parents who are overprotective and want to know your every financial move? Find out what one fans parents do and what my suggestion to her was.

Gretchen @ Retired by 40! writes Why You Should Create a Bill Schedule – The Bill Schedule – an amazing tool that transformed our financial lives!



Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes Why You Should See Dollar Signs When Your Neighbor Puts Junk On the Curb – Want a business that’s pure profit? Try selling other people’s junk. This author got a table, chairs and more for free — and sold it for cash.

Danielle @ Saving Without a Budget writes Lock Up Credit Card Safety with the coming Card Control App – One of the most vulnerable points that credit cards have is that, since they are always on, they can always be used by criminals who somehow get access to their data.



Hank @ Money Q&A writes 3 Surefire Ways To Get Ahead At Work – Looking to get ahead at work and in your career? At work, think of yourself like a CIA agent. Gather intelligence wherever and whenever you can, and get inside the mind of your boss.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes How To Teach Your 5 year Old About Money. – We do a poor job of teaching our kids about money in this country. In order to get my kid started in the right direction I set up the following system.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Military Finance: What to Do Before Serving Your Country – One of the biggest problems with being in the military is keeping your finances in order. Read here for tips.

Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes Life After Graduation – Advice to My Past Self 5 Years Later – Life after graduation is definitely more real, exciting, and chaotic compared to life inside the educational bubble that is university. But man, the things I wish I could go back and tell myself based on what I know now…well, it would be a pretty long list.



Mr. 4HWD @ The Four Hour Work Day writes The Fastest Way to Increase Wealth: Want Less – Personal finance often serve as great resources for those seeking to build wealth and improve their financial standing. The best bloggers offer practical advice and actionable tips while creating a welcoming community for anyone interested in money matters.

Natalie @ Debt and The Girl writes A Secret Career Confession – Last week a friend of mine was looking for people that wanted to do a little acting for a video that was being produced for the company he works for.

Brad @ Enemy of Debt writes A Sure-Fire Way To Save On Taxes – Those who pay less in taxes do so by spending less and saving more.

Brad @ Enemy of Debt writes A Sure-Fire Way To Save On Taxes – Those who pay less in taxes do so by spending less and saving more.

Alexa @ Defeat Our Debt writes How to Get Rid of Debt on Your Own – There is no easy way to get rid of debt. You have several options, each come with their own set of pros and cons. Here is how to get rid of debt on your own.

Marissa @ Finance Triggers writes 3 Ways to Ensure You Have Money Left in the Last Week of the Month – We all know that when we look in our bank accounts during the week approaching pay day, it is more than likely that a few moths will fly out.

Katie @ IRA Basics writes The Secret of Saving for Your First Deposit – Are you ready to become a homeowner and do not fancy a no-deposit home loan? Then the biggest obstacle standing in your way is the first deposit or down payment.

Matt @ Budget Snob writes Five Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Used Car – Purchasing a used car is a great way to avoid the hit of depreciation and drive away on a steep discount in comparison to new models.

Harry @ The Rideshare Guy writes Why Lyft is the Perfect Second Source of Income – I’m always looking for easy ways to make money, it’s kind of like a hobby for me. Some people like to watch tv or play sports, but I’m always on the hunt for hobbies that align with viable business opportunities. The first time I realized that I could make money off a hobby was during college when I started coaching volleyball. Obviously it wasn’t the same as getting paid to play, but I did get paid to hang out with my friends(who were also coaches), hit balls at a bunch of kids (as h

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes How to Budget on a Once a Month Pay Cycle – There are also some challenges associated with getting paid once per month, such as having to plan the due date of all your other bills around the one pay day a month! Yet it’s not an impossible feat.

Mr. 4HWD @ The Four Hour Work Day writes The Fastest Way to Increase Wealth: Want Less – Personal finance often serve as great resources for those seeking to build wealth and improve their financial standing. The best bloggers offer practical advice and actionable tips while creating a welcoming community for anyone interested in money matters.

Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes Plan to Retire? Then Stop Giving Your Kids Money! – Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles written about how parents may need to rethink their retirement plans because of their Gen Y money-sucking kids. Guess what, the solution to your retirement dilemma is simple. Stop giving your kids money and use it to retire on instead!



Alexa @ Single Moms Income writes I Did It……I Opened a Retirement Account – At the beginning of the year I declared that 2014 would be the year I stopped talking about investing and just went for it.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Taking the Leap: When is it Time to Ditch the Lease? – This past decade has paved the way for some very big changes in the housing market, making it both harder to find a home and easier to get financed for one.

Glen @ How to Save Money writes Pet Care Costs – How A Pet Can Blow Your Budget – How the costs of pets keep stacking up after the initial purchase



Crystal @ Married (with Debt) writes 5-Year Progress Check – I have made decent progress over the past several years in managing my finances better. How much better you might ask? Let’s take a look.

Justin @ iPlugin writes What’s the reason for the decline in iPad sales? – People are beginning to question what’s going on with Apple’s ubiquitous iPad tablet as sales during the first quarter of 2014 dropped 16%.

Danielle @ TeacHer Finance writes Why Bargains Aren’t Always Such a Bargain – Here is some sage and simple advice; never purchase anything just because it is a bargain.

Monica @ Monica On Money writes What Turning 30 Taught Me About Money – I finally turned 30 in March. For years, I’ve been anxiously waiting to turn 30! I’m not exactly sure what I expected, maybe that I’d suddenly become more successful

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes Unemployed Financial Management – Losing your job can be a very difficult and stressful time. It is, however, vital that you take the right steps to secure your finances as soon as you become unemployed.

Hadley @ Epic Finances writes 9 Proven Strategies to Eliminate Debt – One of the most stressful things that can happen to a person is falling prey to what I call the Debt Trap.

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes Financial Aid Tips for the Uninitiated – If you are the parent of a child in high school that is rapidly approaching college age, chances are that you have just been introduced to the numbers game that is financial aid.

Erastus @ Sprout Wealth writes What Investments Should I Invest in My 401k? – Are you in the position of not knowing where to start with your 401k? Your 401k can be a great way to save money for retirement. I hope this post will help get you started investing in your 401k.



Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank writes Buying Jewelry more Cheaply – Is real gemstone jewelry worth the money?

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes The biggest threat to Retirees’ nest-eggs? Their Mortgage – What is the biggest threat hanging over the head of many older Americans heading towards retirement?

Erastus @ Wise Dollar writes How to Make Retirement Planning Easier – What are you currently doing to make your retirement planning easier to manage? Coming up with an investment plan you should be able to make some decent headway towards reaching your specific goals.

Jeremy @ Modest Money writes Financial Independence and the College Lifestyle – To be considered independent for purposes of financial aid, students must either be married on the day of the application for financial aid, enrolled in a post-baccalaureate degree program, have children who receive more than half of their financial support from them, have legal dependents who are currently living with them, be at least 24 years old by December 31 of the financial aid award year, had been a ward of the court, currently serving active duty in the armed forces aside from training,

TW @ Tightwad Travelers writes Liquidating Visa Gift Cards – Find out how to be a travel hacker with Visa Gift Cards

Mark Ross @ Money Saving Dude writes 50+ Money Saving Tips From Some of The Best Personal Finance Bloggers Today – Are you looking for ways how to save money? If you are, then let these money saving tips from some of the best personal finance bloggers today help you.



Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes 4 Ways To Save On Internet Costs – The internet is considered a need for many people. But, the internet can cost a pretty penny.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Eating Differently: How to Budget for Food Allergies – The best ways to budget and shop for those with food allergies.

Mr. Frenzy @ Frenzied Finances writes Five Essential Skills for Living Cheaply On Your Own (And Then Some) – Living alone for the first time? Good! It’s challenging though, especially with finances. Here are five essential skills for living cheaply on your own.

JP @ My Family Finances writes Where can I collect Avios? – Joining the Avios reward scheme may be the perfect way for you to treat yourself and your loved ones, without having to break the bank too much.

CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes Stress Storms: Cheap-to-Free Methods of Reducing Stress – There are times when we don’t know what to do with our stress. Luckily, there are methods to combat it. Read here for helpful tips on stress reduction!

Don @ Money Reasons writes When Debt is a Good Thing – Borrowing rates are low, and in this article I’m going to demonstrate that sometimes debt is a good thing! I’m only half way through, and already I win!

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes Learning and Loans: 5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Finances in College – Learning how to manage your finances and loans while you’re still in college will help build stronger and positive financial habits.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Insuring Yourself: The Types of Insurance Available for Life – Better to be safe instead of sorry! Time to insure yourself. Here are the types of insurances to protect individuals and their families.

Michelle @ The Shop My Closet Project writes You might not have a job problem but a life problem – This post was originally going to be called -A funny thing happened on the way to quitting my job.- For those of you who have read my blog for awhile (and thanks for being patient while I took a long needed break) you know that I have expressed for awhile a deep rooted dissatisfaction with my job. I had written about my disturbing longevity in my job, my loathing of my commute (it’s a long one), and my lack of a social life.

IMB @ Investing Money writes Is France Totally Bankrupt? – Is France a bankrupt country? Examining the pros and cons of the economy of France.

JP @ My Family Finances writes 5 Reasons That Your Employer Should Have Group Insurance Benefits – Everything from attaining a group insurance quote, to establishing insurance and deciding on good insurance policies is relatively easy and the benefits of group insurance far outweighs any of the perceived negatives.

SavingMentor @ How To Save Money writes How to Budget Without Tracking Every Dollar – For most people, ‘budget’ is an ugly word. Very often when we hear it on the news, it’s usually about the government over spending too much, followed by discussions about services or programs being cut to get the ‘budget’ back in balance. Personally, I prefer the term ‘spending plan’. It sounds less restrictive.

Dominique Brown @ YourFinancesSimplified writes Your Financial Relationships: Should We Have Separate Bank Accounts? – This post is part of our Your Financial Relationships series. This series is designed to help you discover the financial topics you should discuss with your significant other in order to have a financially healthy relationship.

Tony @ We Only Do This Once writes The Inverted Pyramid Model – Managing finances is a skill that takes time and experience to master; the inverted pyramid model allows you to prioritize your finances.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Get Your Free FICO Score from Barclaycard – The media likes to bombard us with credit related advertisements. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching TV, listening to the radio or playing a podcast, it seems like there are always ads for free credit scores, debt repair and things of that nature. I’ve always felt strongly though that I shouldn’t have to pay for access to my score and report. After all, the information contained in those documents is about me and my spending habits. It’s not like I’m asking to see someone else

Hayley @ Disease Called Debt writes Debt Success Stories: Kalen paid off $24K in consumer debt – This Debt Success Story is shared by Kalen Bruce who is the founder of MoneyMiniBlog. Kalen knows first hand what it’s like to be restricted by debt and he worked extremely hard to get rid of his debt so he and his family could be at ease with their finances.

Gretchen @ Retired by 40! writes Well, June is Going to Be Weird… – While Daddy’s away, the girls will play! How our June is shaping up with the Big Guy gone!

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