Can I Study in Australia with a Scholarship?

A scholarship may help open up doors for you in your studies. They may allow you to further your education, assist you financially or award you for excelling in your study area.

They are awarded to students based on different criteria and most of the time the type has a connection with the founder of the award.

Types of scholarships:


Some scholarships will be based on academic, artistic or athletic abilities. These scholarships are awarded to those that exceed expectations in an assessment or academia.

There are also scholarships that award students for demonstrating philanthropy by volunteering or raising money for charity or not-for-profit organizations.


These types of scholarships primarily help people from low-socio-economic backgrounds. They offer financial assistance to those who may not otherwise be able to afford to go to university.

There are often different levels of these scholarships with some smaller scholarships being awarded that will cover the cost of books and stationary.

Student specific

These scholarships focus on specifics of a student such as race, gender, ethnicity and family background. Student specific scholarships help underrepresented students with their university education.

Career specific

Students following certain career paths can be eligible for career specific scholarships. These are normally awarded to students who excel in specialised areas or areas where they will be of benefit to the nation.

University specific

Universities often have their own scholarships that can only be awarded to students that attend their campuses. The will mostly fall into the categories above but there will be less applicants than a nationally awarded scholarship.

If you want to study in Australia with a scholarship all you need to do is to search the Internet for one that may be suited to you. Make sure that you carefully assess all of the entry requirements before you apply. Most require documented proof of what you tell them so bear this in mind when you sit down to complete the application.

If you don’t seem to be eligible for a scholarship and you are struggling financially, contact your university. They may be able to help you with financial assistance in the form of loans or food and book vouchers.

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  • efpierce

    Would you happen to know if I got a scholarship in the U.S., could it be used in Australia? How would I go about finding that out? I have two scholarships, one is from church so I know I can use that one, but my larger merit based scholarship is the one I am wondering about.

    • Depends on the provider of the scholarship and what the conditions they have for eligibility. Best to contact them.

      Good luck!