Balancing Work with Uni

For a large number of students we need to work in order to be able to study. Money pays the bills and buys us freedom to do the fun things on weekends. I have heard there is a number of students who work ridiculous hours in order to afford to live comfortably. Is there another option? is it absolutely necessary to need to do this to yourself? On the other hand a I have seen many students get through University without working at all, some because they were financially well off others because they just lived really tight and didn’t enjoy their time.

So let’s look at using a bit of foresight. Once you finish University your goal is probably to get a job right? Hopefully its one that pays really well! Employers look at your work experience and see if you have been able to hold a job and what you might have done at that company that helped their business. So employers prefer students with some work experience.

On the other hand if you focus on work while in university and allow your grades to slip then this is also a big mistake as employers like that you achieved high grades. High grades shows that you’re intelligent and you work hard. Recruiters see low grades and interpret that the candidate is either not very intelligent or not commited. Why would they employ a graduate and pay them well when they have already demonstrated that they don’t take work/uni very seriously?

So would employers prefer a student with High grades or lots of work Experience? Ideally they want both. If you can demonstrate both of these then you will stand a very good chance of getting a high paid graduate job when you finish University. Unfortunately for the great majority of us we cannot achieve this seemingly impossible task.

The answer is to find balance and work only when it won’t adversely affect your study but still find a job that’s related to your study and fits well into your timetable. Ideally graduates want to be able to show potential employers that they are good at managing their time and can balance work and uni while getting at least a credit average.

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