Reviewing Amaysim – Is it really Amaysing?

AmaysimHaving used Amaysim as my service provider for my mobile phone, I put this article together to explain a about my experiences and give some information about the features of their products.

Amaysim are a MVNO  which is short for Mobile Virtual Network Operator – which basically means they sell a repackaged service on one of the Telephone networks. MVO’s are on the rise in Australia as people are waking up to the fact that Lock in contracts for mobile phones are a rip off. You can get the same service from an MVNO which you would from a larger provider for a lower cost, without being locked in for 24 months with expensive termination fees.

With the fast growing market for mobile phone plans there are several choices for you to choose from. As a customer of Amaysim I hope to shed some light here on their services.

I first heard of Amaysim about two years ago when my Optus plan was due to finish the term. I asked around my friends and a mate of mine James told me that he was paying around $40 a month for an unlimited plan, which didn’t lock him in for 24 months. At the time I was paying something like double this amount, so the idea of cutting down my mobile phone bill in half while getting the same reception really interested me.

Having a cheap mobile phone service without the lock in contract made sense to me. I figured I would give them a try, if it turned out the service was no good then I just take out another contract with one of the providers. Basically what happened was I then switched to Amaysim and get a monthly SMS informing me my next month hasbeen debited from my card, I have never had reason to call them to complain and I have found the reception to be the same as Optus – which really shouldnt be a surprise considering they are on the Optus Network.

What is Amaysim?

Amaysim was Australia’s first low cost mobile service provider. Presently more than one in twenty Australians use Amsysim or around 7.3%, this is more than Virgin mobile who I previously used. Powered by the Optus 3G network, its introduced relatively cheap and effective mobile packages.

Amaysim has tried to cater to all walks of life by featuring packages like:

–          AS YOU GO – Prepaid plan for light users.

–          FLEXI –  Plan for medium users,

–          UNLIMITED plan for heavy users.

Is it really worth a shot?

Most Aussies feel the need to have reliability with affordability. Let’s see where Amaysim stacks up when put to the test.

  • Affordable?

    Amaysim offers all nationwide calls to any network at 15 cents per minute without any flag fall charges and each text costs you just a minimal 12 cents. This trait is hard to find and ensures the “pay for what you use only” policy.

  •  Freedom?

    Unlike the other Telco brands, there are no lock-in contracts when you become an Amaysim customer and you can join-in or leave whenever you like. This service is a breath of fresh air as it lets the customer be the boss.

  • Unlimited?

    Ever realize in the middle of a package that it’s a little less than what you want? All Amaysim plans have notable add-ons to enhance your experience even the unlimited package has a whopping 5GB.

  •  Help?

    Canstar Blue has awarded Amaysim the #1 mobile phone plan provider award and gives its customer service 5 stars. In a survey conducted by Canstar Blue, a striking majority of customers gave it 5 stars in terms of customer satisfaction.

  • Can I keep my number?

    This plan provider offers you the chance to keep your existing number while enjoying all of Amaysim’s services. Like all other mobile plan providers you can also choose a number of your choice to start with the Amaysim experience.

Verdict – Is Amaysim any good?

Í joined Amaysim about 2 years ago. In that time I have had only 1 interruption from my service, this happened when my card expired a few months ago and my account lapsed. Admittedly it was my fault for not updating my card details and from memory Amaysim did warn me with emails and sms’s, once I paid my bill my service was resumed within 24 hrs.

Aside from this, I cant say I have anything to complain about Amaysim, all that happens is once a month I receive a text once a month informing me that my card has been debited for another month. In my opinion Amaysim offers good value for money, for students like myself who need flexibility and value for money. Although, I will note that if money was not a concern I would probably choose telstra, since they have the best network in Australia and Amaysim does not yet have 4G although their website says they are working on it.

 How to get Amaysim

Who wouldn’t love everything to be delivered at your doorstep? The interactive Amaysim website provides for you to order online and get your sim delivered at your doorstep in less than 48 hours.





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