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Picking a phone is just half the task when you want to enjoy on-the-go communication. Picking a mobile carrier is just as important a decision as buying a mobile phone. After all, it’s the carrier that breathes life and all the fun into your mobile phone.

Amaysim is a fast growing Telco company. The company was recently awarded the Money Money Award for being the best in its category. In this article, we’ll see how effective Amaysim mobile is as a carrier. We’ll do this by judging Amaysim on the 4 qualities a good mobile carrier should have.

4 Stars of an Outstanding Carrier Service


  • Coverage   

    Coverage is an extremely important measure of how effective a carrier service is. Nobody is willing to pay for a service that shows little or no signals in your mobile. To judge a company’s coverage, the first place to start looking is its coverage map. Amaysim is powered by the Optus 3G network. The Optus 3G network is Australia’s second largest service provider and boasts to covering 97% of the population. With such a strong coverage powering Amaysim, it’s safe to say that coverage is an aspect Amaysim thrives in.

  •  Speed of Data 

    Is making a call the only thing you do on your phone? A large majority of you will say NO. With the increase in handset technology, internet access has become an integral part of your mobile phone experience. Data speed is what lets you surf through the internet, check your emails and download popular apps without having to wait long. Amaysim provides you with the best mobile broadband service at the cheapest rates. There are several mobile broadband plans that are made to cater to all types of Aussie customers, and the broadband speeds are as fast as the broadband you experience at home

  •     Plans

    The key to a good carrier are great mobile plans. Mobile plans decide how long you stay with a carrier. Every Australian wants the best mobile phone plans for themselves. A mobile plan is a summary of all the calls, texts, and data service you’ll get in a particular amount. This is one area where Amaysim rises above its competition. Amaysim aims to target all sectors of the Australian community and thus have a range of plans that are suitable to different sections of the population.

  • Customer Service

    There is no point in having a good carrier that provides bad services. Customer service is the bedrock of any successful business. Amaysim was recently awarded the Canstar blue award for customer satisfaction. Such an achievement speaks volumes about the standards of customer service at Amaysim.

In conclusion, Amaysim is a breath of fresh air in the Australian Telco industry and aims to provide affordable services. I recommend you to give Amaysim a try as the no-lock-in contract means you can leave the plan whenever you want.

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