A Review of US Universities

A Review of US Universitiesattribute to Kaplan International Colleges

Many people believe getting admissions in international universities is tough, especially in the US region. But, this is only due to a lack of knowledge. This does not mean it’s as easy as the alphabets, but it is not an impossible task.

You just need to be on the right path to secure your place in a good university in US. Decide your majors and find which university offers programs relevant to it. The program must match your interests; otherwise it’ll be tough for you to cope with the pressure. You will also need to acquire other details such as deadlines, tuition fees, and the minimum acceptable scores of standardized admission tests.

Below is a review of some US universities to help you in deciding your education path.

Harvard University

Harvard is ranked as the best university in US. The university comprises of thirteen schools and institutes which offer programs in all disciplines. The application processing fees is $75 and must be submitted along with other details before January 1 of each year. The tuition fee is $40,000 per year, exclusive of other costs. Harvard has many applicants every year, but unfortunately only 7% make it through.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT caters to students in over 35 disciplines, but its Engineering and Technology program has made it gain acceptance worldwide.  The rankings lists give it the number three position in the overall category, but number one position in the Science category. The application fee is $75 and the deadline is January 1 of each year. The tuition fee is slightly more than Harvard.

Yale University

Yale is also considered to be a good university in US. Its music and drama programs are exceptional. There are fourteen schools with its Law School being number one in its category. The deadline for Yale is December 31 of each year, and the application is processed for a fee of $75.

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