6 Reasons to Study in Australia

When choosing a country or a continent for higher studies, a thorough research can make your work easy. Really low cost education might be appealing to some students. Hence they might choose to be fluent in German and avail the opportunity of attaining an inexpensive university degree from Germany. Differing priorities raise different questions and issues. But if you have decided of going to Australia for future studies, here are several reasons to support your stance.

GRE Headache

Universities in Australia do not require a Graduate Record Examination (GRE). A GRE score is required before admission to a master program. Students put in several months when studying for this exam because of its extensive course. Princeton Review and Pearson education are the two most renowned places for GRE test preparation. It is the most dreaded exam of all times.

Australian universities mostly require an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score.  This is a basic exam that tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities in English. Preparation for IELTS can be managed alone. Australia saves prospective students from being discouraged to apply for education abroad. The attrition rate for international students applying for GRE based universities is significant.


Australia is strikingly beautiful. You will not only be studying at one of the most fancied places around the globe, but it will help alleviate your stress levels as an international student. Whenever you feel overburdened, close your books and take a stroll outside. It is likely to keep you on the go. Sydney is particularly renowned for its sights, such as the Opera house and the Sydney harbor bridge. Its well worth visiting Sydney in your stay, you can get cheap domestic flights with cheapflights to visit on the holiday.


Australia has a list of skilled personnel it requires. Value for individuals who build the economy has put forward an opportunity for international students to gain permanent residence in Australia. Certain skills and educational qualifications make international students eligible for residence in Australia. With permanent resident in the country you can work live and work there permanently.

Several students gain the status of permanent residents following the course of their studies. However, it should be kept in mind that a certain number of conditions have to be met. The Department of Immigration puts forward all the necessary details for you find out more about Australian permanent Residency requirements.

Paying less

Quality of education meets international standards and students graduate with great competency. In comparison to other countries, the tuition fee in Australia is lower. With the high rate of inflation in UK, it is one of the most desired yet expensive places to commence studies at. Added to the stress of GRE, is the high cost of education in USA.

With affordable programs and high quality education, Australia has managed to attract more students over the past few years. Living expenses in the UK and USA also make the student life difficult. For that matter, Australia is becoming a preferred choice for international students.


Almost all of the scholarship programs for USA require a good GRE score. The aforementioned reasons explain as to why international students feel de-motivated applying to universities in America.

Australia offers a variety of scholarship programs funded by the government or the institution of interest. Sydney has numerous opportunities to welcome international students.  Based on your requirements and area of interest, you might be able to find the right kind of financial support for yourself. An added benefit is that Australian universities require an IELTS score, which only taps basic English language skills.

A reality check: – applying for a scholarship does not mean you have obtained the reward. The process is long and can be disheartening. However, dedicating months to GRE and not availing a scholarship is excruciating. Whereas, IELTS require a lower amount of effort and not leave you too low-spirited.

Bright future

Australia wants to helps brighten your future. With some economies crashing and unemployment on loose, Australia helps provide you the qualification that will give you a strong foundation in the practical world. Whether you graduate as a doctor, or a teacher or anything- an Australian degree is likely to attract employers.


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