6 Really Good Jobs for Students

Need a job but struggling on deciding what to do? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking on what you want to do to earn a crust while in Uni.

  1. Internships, Internships, Internships…
    Eventually all students finish University at that point you’re probably going to want to find a Job. Internships are a great way to decide what you want to do in life after Uni, they give you a taste of what sort of work you might be doing so you can decide if it is really for you. Not all Internships are unpaid many are paid and some do in fact pay really well.
  2. Jobs at Uni
    Many Universities have a lot of jobs going on campus which is great as you don’t have far to travel if you’re going to class after finishing work.
  3. Barista
    If you like coffee then maybe becoming a barista is a good idea. The hours are usually flexible and the work is not too difficult allowing you to concentrate on uni work.
  4. Work in a Call Centre
    If you have the gift of the gab or would like to learn then maybe working in a call centre is a good idea. The pay is usually competitive and you can learn some great skills. Some are really good jobs that can teach you good skills, others however will see you making 100 calls and using the same sales “pitch” on everyone you speak with, good luck studying after that!
  5.  Work in Sales
    Every time you go to an interview you have to sell yourself and even the employed need to sell in one way or another. Sales is one of the most transferable skills and some valuable experience in sales will help you greatly later in your career and they can pay really well.
  6.  Bartender
    Usually a pretty chilled job and the late night hours lets you focus on studies during the day. You don’t need to be a genius to pour beer but you do need a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.

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