Young Drivers – Buying a new car in WA

The first car most people ever buy is most likely to be the worst. Just ask around your friends and family and surely you will find people who can give you nightmarish stories about buying a dud of a car which cost them more to repair than to run.

For young people in Western Australia to save money in buying a car, obviously we need to get something a bit cheaper – this means a used car. But, how will you choose the right second hand car for you that will not give you problems in the future?

Here are some guides that will help you choose the right car at the same you had saved money:

  1. Inspect the vehicle’s condition.

Sometimes the first thing you should need to notice is the physical appearance of the car, the value of a car is largely determined by its physical appearance – look for big dents, scratches and damages to the paintwork. Another is by giving the car a test- drive. Try it on roads and assess if it still runs smoothly and does not make unnecessary sounds while moving. You will want to check if the car is spending a lot of gasoline and if it is still budget friendly.  Check if there are cracks, bumps or holes to the car’s interior to ensure safety of the driver as well as its passengers. The NRMA has a really good check-list you should go over to inspect the condition of the vehicle yourself

  1. Get a pre- vehicle inspection.

Once you have inspected the vehicle yourself and made sure your happy with its condition, its time to get a pair of trained eyes to give it proper going over. Obviously if your not a mechanic there will be only so many things you will be able to check. Mobile vehicle inspectors can thoroughly check the vehicle out to make sure nothing major is wrong with it. This is a really good idea, problems such as leaking head gaskets can cost thousands to repair which might be more than the vehicles worth. Pre-purchase inspections may cost you a couple hundred, however they can save you thousands and massive inconveniences when your car breaks down.

  1. History check of the vehicle.

Ask the seller if why he is selling the car. This will give you an idea if you will still purchase it. You can ask the seller if how many years did the car served them, and in those years, was there a time that the car needed full blast repair or may be minimal repairs only. Ask if the car already encountered road accidents. Some used car salesmen will lie to you, its very common. Get a vehicle history report to make sure its not stolen and hasnt been written off – Revs WA do some really good reports.

  1. Organize finances.

When you had already made up your mind to purchase the car, organize and settle the financial documents with the seller and you as the buyer. Make the seller settle the exact amount appropriate to the car’s price and feel free to say your opinion regarding the pricing, be a good negotiator so that you will not be regretting the amount you will be paying for the second hand car. There is plenty of options for finding car finance in Perth.

There’s nothing wrong in purchasing a second- hand car as long as you are doing the necessary responsibilities before purchasing it. Feel free in asking questions to the seller for it will help you to save money and will give you a car that will serve you in a long period of time.



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