Write for Student-Finance

How would you like to get an article of yours posted posted on a well known Personal Finances website for students?  If your a student, blogger or just a personal finances enthusiast – guest post blogging is a great opportunity to get you name out there on the internet and show the world you have something important to say.

If you are a blogger and want to gain some exposure for your blog, go ahead and send an article. You may gain some new readers. You don’t have to own a blog to submit an article, we accept content from students, readers and anyone who can piece together a well-worded article that benefits our readership. We are always interested in fresh and interesting content that will entertain and interest our readers. 

We do strongly encourage fellow bloggers and readers to contribute and will likely post well written content that is sent. However, if your submitting content for non-personal purposes, you will need to provide a higher standard of quality. When pitching a title for an article, the more specialized and detailed the information, the higher the likelihood it will be accepted. Well researched and detailed content will be regarded highly. 

Requirements for any Guest post submissions: 

  • Ideally content should focus on Australian Students and relevant topics to help them get through University.
  • Must be factually accurate
  • Please provide the website you represent when contacting us

Extra requirements for Non-personal submissions:

  • The reader must be wiser for reading the article
  • We will have zero tolerance for padded or poorly written content
  • Well-researched content is highly regarded

Can contact me at studentfinanceaustralia (at) gmail.com





Disclaimer: Once posted all rights to the content and too the images is transferred to Student-finance.com.au