Why do Students want to get Graduate Job’s?

Getting a job after finishing University is not as easy as some students would like to believe. Since most students will not have any practical work experience upon graduating they find they great difficulty convincing employers that they are worth hiring. The most recent Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) found that over 23% of Graduates were still seeking full time employment five months after graduation. Getting practical work experience and other skills, to become a employable prospect for the interview room is overwhelmingly the biggest factor in why students struggle to find employment.

Many students know about a Graduate program’s however whether they understand what purpose a graduate program provides is not always so clear. Essentially these are programs large companies have to take in freshly graduated students and train them to become valuable additions to the company. Its a win win situation for both employer and employee, recently graduated students have been shown to have higher cognitive ability (learn faster) and more eager to work. For Graduates these programs are one of the best opportunities to get head start in your career.

Why do Students want graduate jobs? 

  • Get Groomed for better Positions
    Typically companies that have graduate programs, do so for a very good reason. Its a great opportunity to take on board some bright young minds and mold them to be some great contributors to their business. This means these companies invest heavily into their Grad’s in the form of training and further education. Doing a graduate program can really set you up for life, it can give you some great skills that employers are looking for. 
  • Competitive Pay
    Understandably because graduate positions are usually reserved for the best Grad’s they usually pay more than other full time employment which recent grads find. However the real benefit of doing a graduate job comes after you have worked in the company for a few years and gained some valuable experience and further qualifications. Frequently people in this position find that employers are willing to pay much more to have them work for them.
  • Try a range of different Jobs
    Why apply for one job when you can try out many? It’s Simple, graduate jobs in big companies such as banking jobs will give you the ability to try out many different roles within the company. So you really get the chance to find out what direction you would like to take your career in.

What are graduate recruiters looking for? 
Naturally because graduate jobs have such great benefits you can understand placement in a program can be very competitive. Recruiters for some of the better programs usually have a large number of applicants to choose from and have the ability to pick and choose the best of the best of graduate students. So here is a few tips that can help you to get the graduate job your looking for.

  • Credit Average Minimum
    Unfortunately for those students who have been just scraping by in their degrees most graduate recruiters are not willing to consider applicants who have less than a credit average. Many of the really good grad jobs will not consider applicants with less than a Distinction average. Its not necessarily because grades reflect how intelligent you are but more because good grades reflect that the graduate applying is someone who does more than the minimum effort and takes great pride in their work.
  • Communication Skills
    Whats the good of having the intelligence of Eisenstein if you struggle to communicate what you think? Probably not much! This is where the extra effort in Uni presentations pays off. If you can give a good presentation, talk with confidence and elaborate on some complex topics then you will be giving your recruiter some solid reasons why you would be a great addition to their company.
  • Leadership Skills
    Why would recruiters employ someone who will just agree with everything that people say. Employers want people with Leadership skill’s that can take charge and complete the work every time.


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