Which Gadgets Are Essential for Students?

Question: What do all of these items have in common?

  1. Cell phone with unlimited talk and text
  2. All-in-one-computer
  3. USB drive
  4. Laser printer

Answer: They are all indispensable items for a student. Each of these gadgets has an important role to play for the student looking to excel academically. Here is why each one is vital:

Cell phone with unlimited talk and text

At one time, a hermit used to refer to somebody who lived in a cave and had very little to do with the outside world. Among students, a hermit is somebody who does not text or make calls on their cell phone. These devices are crucial for staying in touch with fellow students, instructors, and parents. Not having a cell phone with an unlimited plan is tantamount to not having a pencil.

All-in-one computer

As tablets and Windows 8 clearly demonstrate, touch computing is the way of the future. Students need to be comfortable interacting with touch input monitors and devices, and an all in one computer is the ideal choice to introduce them to this. Students in dorm rooms will also appreciate the lack of bulk that an all-in-one computer provides. The flat screen monitor and keyboard are much easier to fit into a small room than a standard desktop case with all its accoutrements.

USB Drive

Gone are the days when massive paper essays and files had to be lugged back and forth. A USB drive holds so much that a student may literally put four years of assignments on one and never use up all the storage. They are the default format for portable computer storage and are extremely inexpensive.

Laser printer

Anybody who has ever had to deal with an inkjet printer knows all to well the unpleasant mess, the high cost of ink, and the relatively slow speed inherent to them. Laser printers are very competitively priced and have none of those issues. No student wants to be dealing with printer problems when trying to print out an assignment that is due in a matter of minutes. A good laser printer offers the dependability and speed that a student requires.

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