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There are so many new things going on, and it’s getting really hard to keep up. The competition is tough, so all leading companies are trying to outdo their rivals, and best of all – it’s difficult to decide who’s the most successful.

Mobile companies are even more influential than you think. If you think about it, you can probably name a close friend with an android phone, a windows phone and an iPhone. If you’d start a constructive argument – and chances are you already did – everyone will stick to their phone and its best features. It’s hard not to get emotionally attached to your gadgets, but if you truly want to be surrounded with nothing but the most efficient equipment, you should try to stay objective and follow the updates. Even though it’s not necessary to get the latest version of the OS, or a brand new phone that’s just slightly improved when compared to yours, you probably desire it – of course, if you have a seed of geekiness in you.

So, let’s see what mobile technology in 2014 has to offer.

Android updatesTele

If you think that size matters, maybe this OS is right for you – we’re talking about screens, of course. Chromecast created a brand new option that allows you to mirror your mobile or tablet screen onto a big screen TV, and this option is pretty simple to manage. All you need to do after opening Chromecast is to select Cast Screen and pick out the desired device.

This opens up a wide specter of totally new options that exclude all cables and any possibility for messing up your connection. Now, you can watch all your photos with your friends, without making a crowd in front of a small screen. It’s also a great way to have family fun by browsing together – which is a good idea, because it’s getting harder and harder to watch after your children and control their misuse of the internet. You can also use it for business, if you’re ever in need of holding an unplanned meeting.

Phone UpdatesWindows phone updates

The long-awaited arrival of the upgraded Windows 8 version is finally here! Except for still being extremely personal, its functionality has been leveled-up by the addition of folders. By simply dragging one tile across another, you’ll be able to create a folder, and have your screen neater and easier to navigate.

Other than that, Australia can look forward to being able to enjoy an opt-in Alpha version of Cortana very soon. If you’re still not familiar with this smart girl, you should know she’s practically your new imaginary best friend – it’s a type of assistant, but so much more than that. She’s capable of reminding you to take care of your tasks, brings you closer to your dear ones and, by learning new things about you, she can easily suggest the next amusing thing you’ll definitely like.

Beside these two great improvements, you should take a look at new Wi-Fi and VPN options. Using a Windows phone will enable you to privately share your files using VPN when connected to Wifi, which can help you keep your business secrets shielded, amongst other things.

iPhone updatesIphone updates

As long as we’re speaking about being competitive, iPhone reacted really fast to Windows 8.1 – they’ve released an unannounced Beta 5 version of iOS 8. As a user, you’ll be able to witness a whole new level of sharpness and efficiency – not one user reported any kind of problem regarding functionality so far. They are getting pretty close to a completely comprehensive OS, but we, unfortunately, can’t expect the final version until the middle of this September.

But, the Beta 5 version is not only polished out; you can expect to see some other improvement as well. A totally new messaging system is coming in big – you’ll be able to use SMS services from your Mac (it’s implied that you have one). This novelty is called SMS Relay, which offers you an option to receive someone’s message from a Mac computer, and also send yours from one.

Everyone who is into sports, amongst the iPhone users, whose priority is to take care of their health, should be happy to know about a spirometry app – it’s a medical test based on a simple inhale-exhale system. Other than that, we can all look forward to seeing the new iCloud icons, as well as playing with some new texting options – so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Mobile phone plans

Talking about the cutting-edge technology released practically yesterday, it simply makes you crave for one of the phones mentioned above. But, getting them isn’t that simple – they aren’t cheap at all. There are two options here – save up and pay some serious cash for one; or sign a binding contract with one of the mobile carriers.

If you can’t wait a second more, you could always go to the nearest mobile establishment and obligate yourself to be their user for the next year or two. This way, you can get your favorite phone right away and use the hottest new apps. There’s obviously a down side to this – you need to be financially stable to pay your bill every upcoming month. If not, you’re up for a law suit, so you shouldn’t make any summer plans whatsoever.

On the other hand, you can start saving, which implies a lot of waiting. If you think about it, getting a phone like this that’s basically addicted to Wi-Fi, which you’ll be using all the time, it’s kind of hard to find a reason to have fixed mobile phone plans that you won’t even use. There are mobile carriers that won’t ask from you to sign a contract, and they’ll enable you to pick out a plan that’s working out for you perfectly – just the right number of talking minutes you find suitable.

Be smart – as your phone is – and think about it. But, be careful not to take too much time considering your options, because, by the time you’re done, there might be a new must-have gadget you’re dying to have.

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