What Does Travel Insurance cover for International Students?

attribute to  schatzMany students considering studying abroad may not have considered travel insurance and indeed many may not know what it is all about. Essentially travel insurance will cover you for unexpected risks when you are traveling overseas. Lots of things can go wrong when you embark for international study including loosing you luggage or theft of your belongings, by having a travel insurance policy in place you can ensure that you are covered for these unexpected misfortunes.

So what can your  policy cover you for whilst you are away and is there anything you need to know about choosing the right one? This guide will take you through the basics of what your travel insurance can cover and help you get the right policy for you.

Illness or Injury
Should you require medical assistance, either through illness or injury this part of the policy can protect you. When someone you know is ill or you yourself need to visit a doctor or hospital, it can be a frightening experience and so you don’t want to be worrying about bills and documentation as well. In some countries you will need more cover than others and in countries with no free health insurance, medical bills can run into the hundreds for a single visit and so it can be vital that you insure yourselves fully before you travel.

Loss or damage of property
You may arrive at your destination safe and sound but what happens if your luggage does not? Travel insurance policies can protect you if your luggage is damaged or lost, allowing you to continue on your holiday worry-free. Cover can reimburse you as well for any additional spending you may need to provide until your lost baggage is return to you or replacements can be found.

If you become stranded
In today’s unstable climate, it is not uncommon for companies to suddenly go bust or declare bankruptcy and this can leave holiday-makers stranded a long way from home. If this happened to you, you want to be sure that your policy covers you no matter where you end up and helps find you a safe and speedy route home.

Cancellations or changes
Similar to covering you in case of becoming stranded, your insurance can also cover you and your family is part of your journey changes or is no longer available. Transportation can change depending on a number of things such as industrial strikes, weather conditions or technical faults and so it is nice to know that the stress of finding an alternative route is taken care of for you.

Theft or loss of funds
Again, no one likes to think that something like this could happen to them while on holiday but it does happen and if it does, you want to be protected. Travel insurance policies can cover you in case your wallet or purse is stolen or lost and provide you with adequate funds and give you a means of continuing on your holiday until you can contact your bank.

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