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Getting a good university room is not easy. Accommodation while at university  easily one of the largest expenses most people have. For students finding a university room thats affordable and functional can be simplified, here is an article that may help.

Cheaper is not always necessarily better

Where on one hand you can find really cheap university room and save a fortune. However being crammed in a room with several other students is may not the best environment for you while you study.

Better accommodation costs $$$

There is plenty opportunities to find a university room out there where you will get the privacy and comfort to get on with study. Naturally this costs money and for the majority of students this is too high of a price to pay. The only cure to this problem is money. Unfortunately students are not known for having fabulous wealth. For many students its just a case of finding the right university room that compromises comfort and price.

Shared Accomodation

Many students find shared accommodation on websites such as Many of the university room’s here range from really comfortable to  to sharing with five oo ten other people. Obviously the more you pay, the better the room. Location is always a major concern. Typically at the universities door step is going to be more expensive due to the high level of demand from students who don’t want to travel.

If your not afraid to travel to get to university then perhaps look for a place slightly away from the university. Do some research there is some suburbs where the rent is cheaper. You might be able to snag a cheap university room. Perhaps you might be able to get a university room that you wouldn’t be able to afford else where.

Living in your own space

If you’re the type who cant live sharing with many other people and value peace and quiet to get on with study then we have something in common. I certainly couldn’t study in that environment. For those that can afford the best option is to sign a lease on a 1 bed apartment or bedsit. Sometimes you can even find a granny flat behind someones house being leased quite cheaply on gumtree.

For those who cannot afford these luxuries it’s going to come down to your ability to find the right flat mates. Signing a lease is a big responsibility but enables you greater freedom. Don’t be afraid to see many apartments. Remember to be realistic and ask yourself if it’s a good environment to study in.

The risks

Finding the best university room to stay in is not always such an easy task and you can face many problems. Being stuck with flatmates who you don’t get along with is no fun. For those on a budget it’s a process of trial and error in finding the right place for you.

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