The Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in IT

A career in IT is financially rewarding, both in the short and long run, but many people love working in IT for an abundance of reasons beyond the monetary. In fact, many people from very different backgrounds fall into IT, love it, and never looks back, as the need for workers in technology has exploded. This is even true for those whose previous work experience or degree was in something completely different from IT. If you’re considering a career change, then here are the top five reasons to pursue a career in IT!

It’s Outsource-Proof

It is difficult for a company to ship an IT job overseas. In the past, companies have shipped some IT jobs overseas, but this has been met with disastrous consequences. Most IT jobs require a hands on approach, meaning that employee needs to be present in the office to get their work done. Now, it’s true that some work is done remotely, but the solid majority of work is still completed on site for basically all sectors that utilize IT. Other technology-related jobs, such as programming, are outsourced much easier, since they rarely require a physical presence. If you ever hear about this happening with IT, be sure to find out what specific part of the field it’s happening in to get the whole story.

A New World

There are a lot of sectors where you must follow a very set path, such as working in law or medicine,  but with IT, you are able to do what you enjoy right away, relying mostly on your experience and skills rather than education or who you know. A lot of people make a good living working in IT, without having a degree or a ton of work experience. With IT, you can show your skills, then do well, based upon your actual skills.


In information technology, you are constantly learning new things. With a lot of jobs, you don’t really learn anything new, such as architecture or accounting. But with technology, the pace of change is amazing – what you know now, may be obsolete in two years. A lot of people are afraid of change, but in reality, change is good and will ensure that you are always gaining new skills  for career advancement.


The information technology field is one that is important to just about any business. Just about every company has the need for skilled IT professionals. A solid IT department will make a company’s communications, finances & day-to-day work run smoothely, which will end up saving the company a lot of money and time in its operations. When there are layoffs at a company, IT is often last to go, as they are vital to every cog in the machine. The future for anyone who works in IT looks very bright.


Anyone who likes to dress casual and/or work in a casual environment should consider IT. At most companies, the IT workers don’t have to go to a lot of meetings or even be seen, so their dress code is more lax. Sales people, upper management, and people who deal with customers often have to wear uncomfortable dress clothes. In fact, at many large companies, IT personnel are dressed in shorts and t-shirts and are also able to work at their own pace in the privacy of a backroom. Since you’re on your feet a lot, this makes sense.


The information technology field is growing at a pretty fast rate. Anyone who wants to make a decent living while not having to follow the normal rules most other abide by should consider a job in this field. Even if your education and experience are in another field, it may be worth considering switching to IT. Ask those in the IT department at your company how they got there and what they’ve been hearing about it! Always keep your eyes peeled, and use the internet as a resource – for instance, check out for more info on useful IT career tips.

Joseph  Rodriguez writes all about technology and IT. His recent work is on the best IT BA programs in the midwest.

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