Top 10 Universities of Australia.

The top ten universities of Australia are rated according to 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators. These indicators, developed by Times Higher Education are used to identify the best universities in the world. If your considering studying in Australia, then this list may help you decide where.

The Ranking System

The indicators are grouped into areas that cover:

  • Teaching
    This covers the learning environment at the university and is worth 30 per cent of the overall score.
  •  Research
    The volume, income and reputation of research undertook at the university. This section is worth 30 per cent.
  • Citations
    This relates to the influence of research conducted by the university and is worth 30 per cent.
  • Industry income
    Amount of innovation practiced at the university. This is worth 2.5 per cent.
  • International outlook
    This looks at how staff, students and research perform on an international level. This is worth 7.5 per cent.

Each section has a weighted percentage that adds up to an overall ranking score.

The Top 10 Universities of Australia

The Times Higher Education University World Rankings list the following Australian universities in the highest-ranking positions.

1. University of Melbourne
Ranked – #28 in the world
Also ranked highest in Australia for Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.

2. Australian National University
Ranked – #37 in the world
Also ranked highest in Australia for Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences.

3. University of Sydney
Ranked – #62 in the world
Also ranked highest in Australia for Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health.

4. University of Queensland
Ranked – #65 in the world

5. University of New South Wales
Ranked – #85 in the world

6. Monash University
Ranked – #99 in the world

7. University of Adelaide
Ranked – #176 in the world

8. University of Western Australia
Ranked – #190 in the world

9. Macquaire University
Ranked – #251 – 275 in the world

10. Queensland University of Technology
Ranked – #251 – 275 in the world

What About the Others?

These are the top ten universities of Australia based on the key performance indicators mentioned above. Other factors may influence what you feel make a top university such as university services, extra curricular activities and sports teams.

This list doesn’t take things like this into account so don’t solely rely on this list when choosing a university and don’t be disheartened if your uni isn’t in the top ten!

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