Study in the USA

There is no surprises that many students choose to study in the USA, some of the best universities on the planet are located there such as Harvard and Massechusets Institute of technology which are just two that are not only some of the best universities in the United states but the entire Planet. There is over 3,600 Universities, colleges and institutes to choose from on the states and over 900 fields of study.

Where in the USA to study?

You won’t necessarily need to go to the best University to get the experience you are looking for, many students go just to soak up another culture and have fun while completing a few modules of their study. Obviously a better university will look good on a resume, but don’t expect to get HD grades as its likely you will have a few distractions.

How does College work in the USA?

The custom in much of the USA is for students to go interstate from their home for College and live buildings they call fraternities for the boys and Sororities for the girls. You can see movies like Van Wilder and Old School, which can show a bit about how it works, however these are of course movies and shouldn’t be taken too literally.

How much does it cost?

In terms of cost the USA is probably cheaper for day to day living but naturally it comes down to things like which College you go to and what city its located in. In comparison to Australia much of the USA is cheaper. For the privileged few a place a Harvard will set you back around $38,000 – $40,000 for US Dollars for a Bachelors but a State university may only cost around $6,000 – $10,000.  It pays to research, so have a good look around and decide on what type of experience you want and which college can give this to you.

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