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For the young Travel is one of the best things you can possibly do. Getting out of Australia and seeing other cultures and customs can help you to understand the world a bit better and decide what it is you want to do once you finish study. That aside you can meet people and experience things that you would never be able to see or do back at home.

Of course all this costs money and someone has to foot the bill. For those who have the money either through saving or the generosity of Mum and Dad it still remains a question of where to study?

The United States is an attractive option for many.  Having lived and worked over there for a couple months I can testify how fun it is. The custom in the US is for students to leave their home city to go to a university or “School” as they call them interstate or at least away from home. Typically most of these Uni’s have pretty wild party cultures. When it comes down to where you study say for example Harvard University which I am sure you have probably heard of is situated in Boston where the cost of Living is far above that of much of the country. Comparatively a cheaper part of the country like the University of Indianapolis located in Indiana, the cost of living is much cheaper but obviously the education is not going to be as good.

Studying in Europe presents another opportunity. In France for example you would see a completely different way of life to that of Australia. Different in all aspects of life from the way they eat and drink to the way they communicate. Germany on the other hand is in many ways is completely different to French culture , instead of eating Baguettes , cheese and drinking Wine they eat Pork Knuckles, Sausages  and Drink Beer in big Litre glasses called Steins. Stereotypes aside Studying in Europe is probably a more expensive option that the US mainly due to the exchange rate of the Euro. Somewhere like Spain is going to be cheaper than Sweeden, but it depends on the experience you want.

For those that would like to study in Europe but don’t want to have to learn another language then studying in the UK is not a bad Option. In fact it’s a real good one as many of the Universities are highly regarded, Oxford and Cambridge are regarded as some of the best in the world. Another advantage is it gives you the ability to travel Europe as its just at your door step as many flights are exceptionally cheap. Living in the UK is not so cheap mostly because of the strength of the currency the Pound.

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