Student Accommodation in the Uk: Some useful tips

Many options are available for student accommodation in the UK and like any other country it depends on how deep your pockets are to budget for a room.  The cost of these depends on where your University is located as naturally living in one of the bigger cities such as London will be more expensive than other locations. When considering what type of accommodation you will choose you need to consider the importance of being comfortable. The last thing you want to happen is to choose the wrong place to live and have to cut your study abroad short due to home sickness.

Here is just a couple options available to students for accommodation in the UK:


This is where a Student will rent from a local family near the University. These arrangements typically cost more as they include all bills in the rent. Another thing included in the rent is the food, so you will have a chance to taste some of the local cuisine! Living with a local family is probably one of the best ways to soak up the culture in any country in a safe environment, so there is little doubt why Homestay’s are a great option.

Typically you can arrange a Homestay with the University you will be staying with or by searching on the internet. The starting price for a Homestay will be somewhere around £140 per week for the budget accommodation and will go to over £250 per week for the great accommodation.

Living on Campus

This is one of the more interesting options available to students in choosing their accommodation. Universities typically have some form of student housing, wether that be living in colleges or apartments.  It can be a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about many cultures and be part of a student community. One of the best advantages of living in University housing is you don’t have to spend any money or time on getting to campus as you are already there!

Cost of living on campus can vary greatly but can start at around £70 plus food and bills may be extra.

Share Housing

This is where a group of people move into a house together and agree to split the rent and bills. It’s ideal to do a share house arraignment with people you know and trust as these arrangements can result in arguments due to the sharing of bills, other expenses and different expectations of cleanliness.  Many students start in a Homestay or living on campus before moving into or establishing a Share house as its best to get settled first.

Share house arrangements are usually the cheapest and students can expect to pay £60 to £200 for a room depending on size and age of the building. To know more about the locations and the pricing you can have a look here as they are UK’s one of the most demanded student accommodation service providers.

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