How to stand out in a group interview

Attribute to Alex FranceWe all know how cutthroat group interviews can be. With everyone trying their best to impress it’s very easy to get into bad habits that can hinder your efforts. There are many things to remember when trying to stand out in a group interview, so simply follow this guide and remember to keep your head.

Starting with the night before your interview, make sure you have a good nights sleep. Being mentally switched on is imperative, as you want to give yourself the best chance you can. The next morning make sure you pick very carefully what you wear. The saying goes that you should ‘dress for the job you want’, and you obviously want this job, so dress for it. Don’t try to peacock (this isn’t the spring carnival) but also don’t get lost in the crowd. Try having a ‘statement’ item of clothing, something that fits with your outfit but is memorable and stylish.

Now that you’re well rested and dressed to impress the hard part begins – the interview. This is where keeping your head is important. When you first get to the interview make sure you are friendly, make eye contact when you shake hands so that you make the impression that you are a highly employable person (because you are!). If you go in there with the attitude that you’re better than everyone and deserve the job more it will show, but not in a good way. Remember that confidence and arrogance are two very different things. Going into a group interview you also want to have the knowledge and qualifications to back yourself up. By updating your skill set before the interview via short courses run by institutions like HBA Learning you will have more confidence in your abilities.

Impressing your future employers doesn’t mean being the loudest or talking the most. People will be nervous and when they’re nervous they talk, or even worse, ramble. What you don’t say is just as important as what you do say so choose your battles as it were. If you know you have an answer, voice it, if you’re not confident in your answer let someone else make the mistake. Chiming in with sage answers will make you stand out more than the person who can’t keep their mouth shut.

When it comes to group activities make sure you don’t become a dictator. The purposes of these activities isn’t to see who is an ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’, it’s to see how you work in a group. Instead of being a dictator, be a diplomat. Try to get everyone involved in the activity and use other people’s ideas to help the group as a whole. If there are bossy people in your group it’s important not to get in an argument with them. Use reason were you can and if you need to use a voting system to work out your differences do it, but don’t sulk if you lose a vote, take the criticism and move on.

Group interviews are designed so that employers can get an idea of how people work together, so do just that. Give yourself the best opportunity by being presentable, amiable and most of all, a team player.

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