Spend Student Start up scholarship?

How do you spend the Student Start up Scholarship? You could have one really big night at Star City or Crown Casino, I wouldn’t recommend it and it would probably be a sign of having a gambling problem.

OK Seriously now!

There is probably many different ways that students spend their student Start up Scholarship either spending it as soon as you get it or gradually over a period of time. Ideally its probably not a bad idea to keep some of it for expenses either planned or unplanned during the semester or perhapse in the holidays. However its highly likely that many if not most students spend their Student Start up Scholarship as soon as they get it. Maybe it might be time to think about budgeting?

So where does it all go?

Without a doubt many Student spend start up scholarship or a good chunk of it on on textbooks. Let face it they cost a fortune and the student start up scholarship is conveniently timed to pay for them. Textbooks aside there is many othe expenses at the begining of the semester that students have such as stationary however its more than likely that not all these will add up to the cost of the student start up scholarship.

A bright idea for the Student Start up

Believe it or not some students are good at not spending money and some can in fact neglect spending on some important things such as clothes, food and other things to make you happy. Although many people believe its not essential to spend money on keeping you happy. Stress has a big impact on weakening your immune system so it really is important to get out an enjoy life so you keep healthy so perhaps spending money is not all a bad thing.

For those who are disciplined enough to perhaps not  spend the student start up scholarship in its entirety, then putting it into a bank account until a time that you really need it is not a bad option. The student start up scholarship only comes by twice a year so make it last.

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