Skills you can learn during University that will be useful for your CV

While in University, you not only earn an academic degree, but at the same time, you learn various skills that prove to employers you are a great candidate to hire. So here is a list of those 7 skills you can learn on college that will be useful for your CV, and which you can highlight while applying for jobs.

Communication’s Skills

Communication is a skill you practice everyday, University is by no means an exception. You talk to peers, parents and Lecturers all the time. Try to continually improve your communication skills while you talk to people and you will notice you get better. This very skill that maintains relations with your friends, seniors, family and professors prove an invaluable skill in the workplace where you have to communicate well with supervisors and members about specific projects. Make sure this skill shines in your resume as it proves you effectively communicate with people and are thus best for the job.

Technology Skills

With technology moving so fast, most jobs require a knowledge of some technical skills. Though you may learn some basics in high school, it is while in college that this skill of yours is useful for a particular filed. Mention the software you know in your resume; just make sure you are proficient with whichever programs you list out in your resume.

Writing Skills

Writing all those academic papers in University helps you develop some great writing skills. No matter which job you apply for, writing is very important. So if you have great writing skills, you easily move ahead in the pack of job aspirants as your writing skills prove useful for crafting emails, papers, press releases and reports. You can broadcast your writing skills in your resume; so make sure you use proper grammar, write in the same tense and re-check for typos and misspellings.

Time Management Skills

With so much to do in University; classes, jobs, clubs, internships and relationships, you automatically develop strong time management skills to excel in college. Employers love candidates who can manage various projects and meet deadlines under minimum supervision, which you can prove by listing out the all the college activities and duties requiring time management skills you’d performed in University.

Networking Skills

Without your knowing it, you develop strong networking skills while in college by building relationships with people in different organizations, majors, classes and professors. This networking skill of yours can give you a great position in any company as life is not about what you know, but your contacts.

Leadership Skills

As a member of college organizations, clubs and unions, you get a chance to develop your leadership skills which helps prove you have ‘management material’ to employers.


With so much of freedom, if you still successfully complete your degree it proves you know who you really are and what you think. You learn from mistakes, which also help develop your character. And it is this integrity that matters in your job resume as lying is never a means of getting a job.

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