Six Easy New Business Ideas

If you are sitting in college griping about never having enough cash to do what you want, or even if you just fancy an extracurricular challenge, why not start a business? Stop rolling your eyes – you can do it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to take a whole heap of dough to start up either! There are plenty of business opportunities both on and offline that are waiting to be grabbed, some of which have absolutely no barrier to entry. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it.

  • TutoringYou’re at college right? So, here’s hoping that you should know some stuff pretty well. Well enough to pass on that knowledge? If yes then you have a business opportunity. Why not see if you can’t sell your services to high school students? If you’re already at a decent college you could use that as a selling point. Many kids will want to go to the same place that you’re already at, so why not show them how it’s done? If you don’t fancy sitting with kids in your spare time you could always make lessons available for download, at a fee of course!
  • Personal trainer Are you on an athletics scholarship? Maybe you’re just really into sports and know your stuff. If that’s the case you could always make yourself available as a personal trainer to other students or visit your local health facility to see if there is an opening for a freelance fitness instructor.
  • Dog walking If your college is in a residential area there will always be plenty of dogs around. With more and more people working longer hours you can use your downtime to help keep their terriers trim and their Labradors lean. Almost zero start-up cost and if you love animals it would probably be something you wouldn’t mind doing for nothing anyway. What better way to earn a couple of bucks.
  • Delivery service If you’ve got a car then you could be onto a winner by opening up a delivery service. Visit a few local businesses that are not currently offering delivery, but that you think can benefit from it and sell your idea. Get yourself a fleet card for your fuel and you’re off and running.
  • T-shirt printing Look around you, what is everyone wearing? Chances are that the vast majority of your student buddies will be wearing t-shirts. If you’ve got an imagination and can come up with some cool slogans and artwork you’re onto a winner. Set up a web site too and who knows where it could lead to.
  • Design consultant Are you into graphic arts and design? If you are then there are always local businesses that are looking for new flyers and leaflets. Why not try and drum up a little business in your local area.

So, there you have it, six easy to start, low cost businesses that will give you some extra cash to help you through college. No more excuses. Get up, get earning.

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