Scholarships for International Students to Study at Australian Universities – Part II

Eligibility Conditions for Scholarship Programs in Australia

With our previous article discussing the kinds of scholarships and grants offered to international students in Australia, you now know which scholarship can meet your financial and educational needs perfectly. But do you know the application procedures and eligibility requirements associated with every program? Continue reading to expand your knowledge about different grants and awards offered in Australian universities.

Every scholarship program involves its own application processes, eligibility requirements, and selection criteria in addition to a few English language conditions. Take a look at the following guidelines to determine if your desired scholarship can prove to be the right choice for your educational dreams:

Australia Awards Scholarships

If you want to apply for an Australia Awards scholarship, you’ll have to sign a contractual agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia. According to this agreement, you’ll accept all the conditions and clauses of the scholarship.

One of the most important conditions of this scholarship is that you’ll have to leave Australia for at least twenty-four months after completing your educational program. If you don’t follow this condition, you might have to pay for your scholarship’s total cost.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

International students from any country, excluding New Zealand, can apply for this scholarship program. If you get accepted for this award, you can enroll in any research masters program for two years or research doctorate degree for three years. This scholarship will cover all your tuition expenses and health costs. It can even offer you great financial support by covering health expenses for your dependants.

Australia offers valuable educational programs in the study areas of Life and Agricultural Sciences, Physics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy, and many more. All you need to do is to pick your own area of interest, apply for the right scholarship program, and begin your journey of advancement.

Stay tuned to learn more about scholarships for international students to study at any Australian university.

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