Saving on Food

In the good old days before I made the choice to become a student I enjoyed the high life eating drinking and spending on the upper crust of culinary delights. Food is one of those things that should be enjoyed and I cringe at the thought of living off a Mee Goreng  packet noodle diet. More than being incredibly unhealthy its full of MSG. A diet of packet noodles will see pack on kilos and the lack of nutritional value won’t help you concentrate during study.

It’s hard to beat having a meal for under a $1 which is easily achieved with the dreaded packet noodles, but I found its not to unrealistic to have a decent meal for under $2-$3. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to make big batches of Spaghetti, steak and veg or other tasty foods and then store them away for lunches or dinners. Often the bigger the batch you make the cheaper it can become but make sure you get variety as I have found nothing can be worse than having to eat the same meal twice a day for a week. Spaghetti is great but eating that much will put you off it for months.

Its essential to keep variety in the fridge/freezer so you can eat what you want when you feel like it. I do have foods that I cant get enough of like frozen chips. Frozen chips can be kept in the freezer for months and cost only $2-$3 a Kilo and taste great. Another one of my favourites is Meat pies a pack of eight will only cost you $8 or $9 and go well with the chips,

Pie and chips is one of my favourites but its probably not the most healthy meal on my home menu. Healthy eating is essential to effective studying. Eating excessive amounts or unhealthy food often makes you tired and lethargic so it can be harder to do effective study during exam periods so I don’t have it often.

Would be interested to see what foods other people have been eating, please leave some comments so we can find some good ones.

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