Relocation Scholarship – Paying for Home Away from Home

Relocation Scholarship – Paying for Home Away from Home

Those who shift for the purpose of higher studies know very well how it feels to stay away from their parents’ home. Among many other problems, the most prominent one is related to finance. Students usually complain of being short of money to cover up necessary expenditures (well, mostly this problem arises when they spend heavily on leisure and recreational activities). Nevertheless, there are many who still face difficulty meeting unavoidable basic expenses because of the reason that educational expenses go beyond their level of affordability.

Scholarship, Conditions, and Eligibility Criteria

One of the well-known scholarships for such students as mentioned above is the Relocation Scholarship. These students receive a yearly payment to cover up academic expenses. The amounts of scholarships help them pay for educational expenses so that personal lives as well as studies are not adversely affected. However, there are a few conditions to qualify; these are:

  • Student must belong to either a regional area or a major city where the family home is located.
  • Student must be moving away from the family home for higher education.
  • Student must be studying an approved course as a full-time student.
  • He/she must be receiving ABSTUDY allowance or Youth Allowance (YA) or at least the minimum basic rate of YA.

Area of Belongingness

A regional area, as defined by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC), is inner/outer regional, and remote/very remote area. It is inevitable that students from remote areas are likely to experience increased expenses in every manner as they move to metropolitan cities and get admission in reputable and recognized universities. Keeping aside the educational expenses, a new home costs them a great deal, and so is the case with utilities, food, and emergency expenses.

However, the recent alterations in the relocation scholarship policy take under consideration the students from major cities as well. Now those who belong to major cities of Australia can also apply for relocation scholarships but the amounts vary among the two cases. Students from regional areas have a privilege over those from major cities. Yearly payments under both the cases are below.

Yearly Payments

The eligible students from regional areas are paid:

  • $4,000 in the first year of study
  • $2,000 in each of the second and third years of study
  • $1,000 in any successive year of study

Whereas, the eligible students from major cities are paid:

  • $4,000 in the first year of study
  • $1,000 in any successive year of study

(all information sourced on this website is sourced from the centrelink website and is only current at the time of it being written. You should view the centrelink website for the most current information regarding payments) 

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  • Tameka Williams

    how do I apply?

  • Andrew

    Applications are done through Centrelink. Give them a call or drop by their office to find out more.