Reduce the Petrol Bil

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Are you living life in the fast lane? Does this describe the way you drive? Then you are probably spending more money on your petrol bill than necessary. Slow down and you can save plenty of money. Here are a few other tips on how to save on the petrol bill.

  • Drive slower than 70 mph and cut your petrol consumption significantly
  • Avoid  over-revving-this consumes a lot of petrol
  • Be careful with acceleration and deceleration – this uses a lot of brake power and not cruise control. This is not fuel-efficient.
  • Drive across speed bumps slowly-the best driving speed is a steady 15 mph-20 mph to prevent too much braking and stepping on the gas.
  • Check your tires-fuel consumption will improve by 2% if you check you tires regularly. Tires over time will normally leak air and the tire pressure will be affected. Aside from the fuel you save, checking tire pressure will be safer for driving.
  • Air con- when driving at lower speeds, it is better to leave the car windows open as you will save fuel by as much as 5-7%.
  • Roof racks- adding weight to you car can increase fuel consumption by as much as 30%. That is a lot.
  • Fill-up from petrol dealers than sell cheaper petrol- some offer cheaper prices than others. Hunt down which one offers the best rates and go there frequently.
  • Have a credit card that rewards you for filling-up on petrol- this way you can take advantage of points or rebates that may come your way for being a loyal customer

Some say that diesel is more affordable than petrol. It could be a matter of preference since some say that petrol is more efficient than diesel. Go with what suits you. There are a lot of other ideas. The key is to drive smartly at optimum levels.

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