Reasons Why You Should Love Your Mobile Phone

Taking technology for grantedTechnology

If you’re living in a modern society, you can notice that everyone born after 1995 grew up with a mobile phone in their hands. This small thing revolutionized the whole world and changed the way we look at childhood in general. This is not a bad thing for many different reason – developing software skills, having information on the palm of your hand, fast connection with everyone everywhere – but it should be monitored by an adult, because we’ve all heard about a lot of cases when a child or a teenager gets addicted to their phone.

But, we can all agree that there’s more good stuff than bad, right? There are a lot less misunderstandings – now, when you arrange to meet someone at a certain time and you’re waiting for them, you can simply dial the number and ask what you need, and that’s only one simple example we all deal with on the daily bases.

Make easy transactions

Having no need to carry cash with you is something on which technology is working on for quite some time now. But, making it so easy that you need just a mobile phone with you is pretty awesome – it’s harder for you to get robbed, and even if you lose your phone, you don’t need to get worried since someone will clear out your account because it needs your authorization and a password, as well. There would be so much less room for bad things if we all started using our phones as our wallets and feel safe while doing it – which will require time, logically.

Education and TechnologyInvesting in education and tech camps

Great companies, like Google and Apple, are working on forming a tech version of dream time, year after year. This brand new way of getting children to learn is probably the best thing that ever happened to humanity – as a parent, you don’t have to force your child to learn and progress, because it’s already interested in creating a small new piece of the virtual world. This happens mostly because it’s not the classical way of learning where you need a book to do so, because now, you can watch a tutorial or read a step-by-step or how to tutorial.

Speaking of tutorials, they’re not useful only to children. Using YouTube, for starters, is pretty simple, and they have an amazing database that can enrich your life in so many ways. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn but you never got a chance, and now it’s kind of late to go to school, you can simply click play and start learning from the comfort of your home.

The creation of a new language

There’s an unusual side effect that came with mobile phones. When we started using SMS, we also started creating a secret language with another person. Other than using all kinds of abbreviations, there’s also the arrival of emoticons that still haven’t become old or boring, and you know how hard it is to impress the kids these days. I believe that this artificial language, created unintentionally, is a great addition to the culture, in general. Think about it, how often does this happen?

Cheap communicationCheap Communication

Using mobile phones has become cheaper than ever – the days of large mobile providers holding a monopoly and overcharging for their services are behind us. Why go to this kind of company, sign a contract that’s binding you to pay a lot more money than you should for two years, and be forced to pay huge termination fees if you’ve, perhaps, realized that the mobile phone plan you’ve chosen isn’t exactly working out for you. Now, you can get unlimited talking minutes for a good price from a affordable provider that’s getting them from a reliable large mobile provider anyway. Doing so will enable you to choose the exact number you find necessary, one you’re sure to use in the following month. I believe that the bottom goal is making it free and connecting the whole world with one small gadget.

With just the right amount of moderation, we can make a huge leap towards global improvement using technology. It’s true that we’re exaggerating a bit, having ten different gadgets with as at all times, but we’ll become more practical in time.

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