Money saving gift ideas for students

Life as a student is always expensive but by Christmas time most students are worrying about how to afford gifts for their loved ones on such a limited income. All of those nights out and bottles of cheap cider add up you know – not everyone has a lot of spare change come the end of the first term. Fear not, there are lots of thoughtful, unique gifts that don’t have to cost the earth to mean something special, so you can have your beer and drink it too!

 Christmas crackers

Hand making gifts for friends and family is always a thoughtful way to show them you care. Make them a collage of photos and souvenirs from your memories together, or make them a playlist or CD of all your favorite songs that mean something to you both. If it’s a seasonal gift you’re after, find a recipe for a traditional Christmas treat and make it in bulk to give to friends and family. Spend a small amount of money on cute gift bags and ribbons to make your homemade gift look extra special.

Birthday bash

Throwing a party for a friend’s birthday makes a great gift, especially a surprise party. A few decorations won’t cost much and baking a cake or other sweet snacks from scratch rather than buying them will save you extra too. Get everyone to pitch in and you’ll soon pull together a great event. Alternatively, organise a day trip and plan free activities and a picnic for your friend’s birthday if you’re on a budget.

 A picture’s worth a thousand words

For a cheap but thoughtful gift for a friend or relative, get their favourite photograph printed onto canvas. Canvas prints are the perfect gift for either a family member or best friend and are ideal if you want a professional looking personalised gift without spending too much money. There are different canvases available at different prices to suit your budget.

Practical pressies

If you’re buying a gift for a fellow student, think about what they need as well as what they might like. Buy them something practical such as a new kettle or something cute for the kitchen that won’t cost much but which will be useful to them throughout their student life. Alternatively, buy them something decorative to personalise their room with such as a plant or a string of fairy lights. Students will appreciate these low cost gifts as it means one less thing they have to worry about buying themselves.

Tasty treats

Food hampers are the ultimate in luxury gifts, but they often cost a lot more than they’re worth if you get one put together professionally. Instead, buy a small basket, line it with shiny paper and all of those bank statements you shredded in a panic and fill it with all of your loved one’s favourite foods. It’s practical, personal and shows you’ve put the effort in – a winner on every front!

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