Mobile Phone & Internet Bills – Taming the Financial Demons

With several communication services, numerous devices, and abundant apps, connectivity indeed has become the hallmark of present times. Surveys conducted in developed countries indicated that 4 out of 5 persons own a personal mobile phone. Likewise, internet access in developed countries is as much as 90% of the population. These statistics indicate the immense need and excessive use of communication services across the globe.

Irrespective of whether to talk of families or singles living alone, the need for mobile phones and Internet services cannot be avoided at all. From business tycoons to executives, and from house wives to students, everyone needs these services. Talking particularly of students, it is inevitable to have communication service connections so that they can keep up with their education and related research.

A survey indicates that mobile phone and internet bills form the biggest portion of expenses incurred by university students. That goes for both living with family or away from the family home. International students particularly incur huge costs because they simply can’t avoid these services. Along with good academic performance, being in contact with family and friends is important too.

When living costs increase, students are mostly confronted with mobile phone and internet bill shocks. However, there are certain tips through which these financial evils can be calmed down.

Limit Usage with Pre-Paid Connections

One of the biggest steps a student can take is to go for a pre-paid package instead of a post-paid connection. By limiting yourself to call only when you really need to will keep you within your budget and affordability. Recharge to avail the service again so that you can spend only as much as you have.

Check Leftovers

Check your past communication records; such as the number of minutes you called from your mobile phone and the amount of data you downloaded from the internet. Previous 6 months history will let you know if you use less or more than your package. If you always have leftover minutes/downloads, then it’s good to switch the package and save costs.

Choose Packages Wisely

When opting for a mobile or internet package, make sure you know exactly what your needs are. Sticking to the most suitable call and texting packages, as well as internet speed and downloading can help you stay in your budget. Forecast your usage and then subscribe accordingly. Also, you should use giveaways, and friends and family package plans appropriately.

Most importantly, you should talk to the service representative in details, so that you can learn about available packages, benefits, free samples, extra charges, switching costs, and every relevant aspect to get the maximum benefit out of these services.

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